- July 10, 2022

Why You Should Start Using Recycled Toilet Rolls

The phrase “sustainability” is frequently used these days.More and more people are looking for methods to protect the environment, whether it is through recycling, buying used clothing, or traveling less (which has been simple to do during the past 12 months!).

But an even easier method to help the earth while satisfying your bottom is to purchase eco-friendly toilet paper.Here are some excellent reasons to start using recycled toilet paper right away.

We need less trees

Virgin pulp, a starting material comes from wood, is used to make standard toilet paper.According to estimates, 27,000 trees are felled each day only for tissue. In reality, we use more than 12.5 million tonnes of paper annually in the UK alone, which is equal to a Wales-sized Forest. Ouch!But by cutting so many trees, huge tracts of woods are left naked, destroying natural ecosystems and harming both plants and animals.

Utilizing resources that were either leftover from the manufacturing process (such as discarded wood) or recycled again after usage, recycled items are made (like magazines).Feel Good is created entirely of recycled and responsibly sourced paper, including magazines and catalogues, so you can be sure that every purchase you make helps to save trees.

Water usage is reduced

Your favourite toilet paper is made with a lot of water. However, did you realize that by selecting recycled, you’re also preserving water and trees?It is real. With “regular” toilet paper, the wood is heated until it becomes a pulp, then it is cleaned, bleached, and afterwards washed once more.

A lot of water, that is! Used toilet paper is cut in half about. Before being completely washed, recycled toilet rolls have any plastic or metal removed, and any extra water is drained. You can buy sustainable Australian made toilet paper online.

Low-flow? No issue!

It goes without saying that more of us will take advantage of “staycations” this year.Who would want to stay in a tent with a blocked bathroom? Recycled paper contains thinner fibres from previously used paper, making it far safer to put down low-flow toilets than standard toilet paper, which employs hefty fibres. Therefore, it’s less likely that you’ll need to grab a plunger!

No chlorine here

Let’s admit it, toilet paper is designed to be used to clean poop. Then why is it bleached so extensively before it reaches us?Particularly when discussing bathroom goods, bright and sparkling items appeal to us as consumers.

But the bleaching chemicals themselves can be bad for the environment. Additionally, it indicates that much more water must be used to fully wash the paper.  Prior to being pressed and converted into your preferred roll, the paper must be cleaned to remove ink from the fibres.

Fewer waste materials end up in landfills

Do you realize that one of the most recyclable materials in the world is paper?We’re as astonished as you are to learn that the average family disposes of about six trees’ worth of waste annually.By using recyclable toilet paper, you are not only conserving trees but also keeping paper waste out of landfills.