- May 19, 2021

Why Pick Industrial Shutter Doors?

If your business operations necessitate some level of seclusion, roller shutter doors can offer an added level of seclusion – both in terms of avoiding observation of activities within your premises and dampening to prevent noise from traveling outside your facility.

This isn’t the only advantage of roller shutters, keep reading to find out some more.


Roller shutter doors provide excellent security for both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Indeed, this is one of the primary reasons why many businesses prefer to put roller shutters in their industrial facilities. Placing roller shutters at your building’s exterior entry points not only increases security but also functions as a barrier to potential burglars searching for easy access. Commercial roller security shutters, made of mild steel, will give an extra layer of security and protection to your property and its contents.

Metal roller shutters can provide a higher level of protection for abandoned buildings if your facility is anticipated to be idle for extended periods of time (such as during company or seasonal shutdowns).


The extra security advantages of a roller shutter door also serve as a deterrent to attempted forced entry into your premises. Roller shutters provide a clear statement that the building is secure and secured, and they can even deter break-ins before they occur.


While shutter doors may require a little higher initial expenditure, a regularly maintained door will last for many years. When the advantages of these doors over their traditional equivalents are considered, the investment makes sense. See here to inquire about secure window roller shutters prices.


Anti-fall-back emergency brakes are included on modern roller shutter doors. They can also be equipped with safety corners, safe photo-cells, inductive loops, traffic lights, auditory warning sirens, and full coil enclosures to better safeguard users and pedestrian traffic.


With the occurrence of harsh weather conditions on the rise, roller shutter doors offer greater protection from the elements than normal doors.

A properly fitted and managed shutter door, whether for wind or rain cover, helps keep the heat and rainfall out and the atmospheric temperature inside your premises consistent. Lined roller shutter doors are also available for use in temperature-controlled areas.

Protection from Fires

Traditional timber doors do not give the same level of protection against spread of fire as industrial roller shutter doors. In the exceptional event of a fire, shutter doors can confine it and keep it from spreading to nearby buildings, both externally and internally.

It is important to note that the degree of security supplied by a roller shutter door varies depending on its design; always consult with your industrial door provider first if you require particular fire-retardant doors.

Improved space utilization

Unlike standard doors that open inwards or outwards roller shutters open vertically, increasing usable area on your property. Delivery processes are also simplified because cars can be positioned right up to the doors, allowing items to be loaded more effectively saving you money and time.

There is also no need to provide vast clear stretches of space surrounding a roller shutter door. This means you can keep stuff within the building closer to it.

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