- October 12, 2021

What to Know About Web Hosting

Web hosting allows you to store the content and data of your website. You may have seen many web hosting providers online who advertise a variety of services. There will be new terminology if you are new to the whole concept of website creation and development. Some of the hosting types that will be offered by them will be shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting etc. There are differences between each of these types and you can choose them according to the website requirements you have.

You can check the price ranges for different types of hosting by checking the web host provider’s site. The cheapest is shared hosting and other types such as dedicated hosting and VPS tend to be more expensive. Smaller businesses can start out with shared hosting where the server is shared by many other websites but there are some downsides when it comes to performance and security. If you are a larger business with high traffic, VPS or dedicated hosting will be better as the server specifications are higher. In VPS hosting you are still sharing some of the hardware and when you get dedicated hosting, you have a server all to yourself. And because of this, dedicated hosting is the most expensive. Cloud hosting allows you to store content on multiple servers. You need to see which suits your purposes better and then select best web hosting Australia.

Some other terminologies you will come across are bandwidth and data transfer. Bandwidth is the total amount of data that is transferred at a time. The amount of information used over a fixed period is the data transfer. So you need to see what values are given to these aspects by your web hosting service. You need to make sure that the data transfer allotted for the month is sufficient for your needs. If you exceed this amount, the site data transfer speed will be reduced. Unlimited is a term that is generally used by web hosting services when it comes to storage or data transfers for a month. But you need to look closely at the conditions of the company and whether there is an actual limit that you are not aware of. This is why you need to have a discussion with a customer service representative of the web hosting provider to understand the exact scope of your storage.

You also need to check whether you are going for a traditional hard dish (HDD) server or a solid state drive (SSD) server. HDD servers can be cheaper than the SSD servers. If you don’t have high storage requirements and you are going for a cheaper hosting plan like shared hosting, HDD is the option that is most commonly given. SSD technology is quite expensive but these are very fast storage units. Most web host providers offer Linux as the operating system. But there are some sites that will require ASP scripting frameworks. In this instance, a Windows server operating system will be needed. However, Windows servers will cost more than the Linux.

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