- April 3, 2022

What to Know About Treating Strippers Properly

When you hire a stripper for a fun event, you need to make sure that you approach them properly and not make the experience awkward or uncomfortable. There are certain rules of etiquette that you will need to follow and it is never a good idea to touch the performer without taking prior consent. The company that you are hiring the strippers from will let you know of the rules to be followed as well.

When hiring female strippers Adelaide, a common question that most customers have is whether they can touch the strippers. This can differ from person to person. Some will allow light touching but generally, touch is not recommended. Some companies provide escorts to the strippers as security. This way, the rules that are there can be enforced. Some strippers will allow for this and it can cost extra. There are dancers that allow touching so that it increases the tips they receive. But it is always best to know about the touching policy beforehand so that there is no confusion about it afterwards. You need to stick to what is acceptable and allow the stripper to feel comfortable in order to carry out her performance. If you are getting a lap dance, there are certain rules for that as well and the stripper will let you know what is permitted and not. Always ask for permission and offer a tip for touching.

Tipping is an important aspect of stripping and you need to make sure that you tip generously throughout the performance. This will show your appreciation for the stripper. However, try not to tip a large amount at the beginning and end only. You need to distribute the amount of money throughout the performance. When you book a female stripper, keep a maximum of what you will be tipping for the duration so that you can keep the cash on hand and be aware of what can be spent throughout the night. If the event lasts longer than a couple of hours, you will need to tip more. Make sure that you start tipping from the beginning so the stripper knows you plan to compensate for their performance well and this will amp up their enthusiasm as well.

You need to be respectful when speaking to strippers. Try to read her cues and only carry out the conversation on sexual grounds if the stripper initiates it. But complementing them respectfully is always appreciated. Strippers are carrying out a job and it can be difficult when they are objectified and not given the respect they deserve. It is best to avoid sexual complements when possible. There may be a time when they are not performing and you can engage them in conversation at this time. But try to stay away from personal questions such as asking their actual name or other personal information. You need to stay away from asking offensive questions. Some strippers will simply end their performance and leave. You can ask whether they are amenable to refreshments and offer what is necessary.