- April 24, 2021

What Should You Do Before Selling A Home?

Selling a home is a huge move. The below points would ensure that you’ve covered all the bases – you’d have the smoothest selling experience.

Real Estate Agent

Find a good realtor. Just know that not all real estate agents have the same skills. Some may be better at selling apartment complexes than others.

As they’re experts at selling homes, they would get buyers to bid the most. They would also list properties at rates that would bring sellers the most cash.

Curb Appeal

Right after finding a realtor, the most important thing would be improving your home’s curb appeal. Curb appeal is how well your home would look like from the street. You’d want to make the house look as attractive as possible. There are thankfully many ways to do this – try fresh new coats of paint.

The addition of plants to your yard would be great too. You could take things up a notch by creating flower beds and also placing trees.


The property may be quite old, which is why there are a lot of things that need to be fixed. The worst thing that could happen is a buyer checking something only to find that it’s broken. Not only should you fix things around the house, but you should tend to any spots that could look better; the paint on certain walls may be patchy.

You probably have kids around. As they’re clumsy, they could have stained the carpets – keep a sharp eye open.


Let’s talk about your property being old again. Although you were a fan of its rustic charm when you first bought it, times have changed. Buyers are all about super chic properties now. Renovate the space so that it’s with the times.

The best place to start would be your kitchen. Homes these days have islands. If you don’t have one, its installation would be a must. Place backsplashes and countertops that would match the material the island was made from.

Think small too – why not change your doorbell? If the house is old, the bell could use an upgrade. It’s the small things like this that win buyers over.


The flooring in your house could raise its value. There may be hardwood around the vicinity. Unfortunately, you might have placed carpets on top of them. Get rid of them and use the beautiful wood underneath to tempt people.

Whatever the type of floor you have, buff out scratches. If it’s tile, you would be able to polish and buffer. If the floor is wood, you’ll have to sand instead of wax things down.

Final Thoughts

You thought your home was your forever home, but you need to let it go. If you keep in mind everything that was mentioned, you would be able to sell the property for the most. You’ll also get the most attention from buyers. From everything mentioned, the most important would be working with a superb realtor. He would be able to win anyone interested in the house over.

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