- April 15, 2021

What Factors Determine the Shape of Your Rug?

Buying a carpet or rug is a long-term investment. It is usually not something casually or carelessly done, as it is expensive and a big deal. Different rugs suit different places of a home. There are a hundred things to think about before investing in a carpet or rug.

The price, type of weave, cleaning and overall look are some things that run through our minds before the bid investment. Among them are quite a few factors that determine the shape of the rug you buy. Therefore, if you are unsure about what shape fits your space here are some things that could make that decision easier.

Shape of the space

The shape of the space you wish to use a rug for is a huge determinant on the shape. If you are opting for a rug that covers almost the entire floor it will need to be the exact dimensions of the room.

Usually, rooms are rectangular or square but in the off chance the room is not symmetrical the shape of the rug will need to change. If the room is an odd shape, you can try finding a rug that is smaller than the full space or a rug that is also made in alternate shape. It might give the room another angle or dimension that can make it look edgy and cool.

Is it going to be under furniture?

Especially in dining or living rooms rugs are placed under the main table or heavy furniture. If you have a round table then round rugs that is larger than the table would be advisable while the same applies to a square table. This provides coordination and symmetry. However, if you get really daring and edgy you can even have contradictory shapes. This can only be decided by visually seeing how the space looks.

Purpose of the rug

Some carpets or large rugs are never removed after being laid, whereas other smaller rugs can be changed or moved around regularly. If you have a large rug that is going to be changing location a lot then it can be inconvenient to move around. As tempting as large rugs with unusual weaves are tempting, consider the reason for it and therefore pick an appropriate size.

Aesthetic look

No matter what advice you’ve gotten before buying a rug only you will know what your gut says about how it will look. The shape and size sometimes add more look and edge to a room than just the colours. If you are looking for something to give a statement having a circular rug in a room that has everything rectangular can add character to the entire room. The material and weave too play a role in how the shape can make a room look.

Overall, the few things to remember about the shape is that it needs to fit in well. Curling edges and bumps should be avoided in order for it to make its impression.

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