- June 27, 2021

What are businesses that provide whistle-blower hotlines all about?

They are known as ‘’thought’’ leaders who help in managing work-related risk management for government and corporate businesses and organizations. A group of passionate people who want to go ‘’above and beyond’’ to help protect people, company reputations with all kinds of situations.                                   The main mission for these businesses would be to help build a safe speak up culture at all workplaces so that all businesses would follow fair business practices and maintain and healthy work environment for all of their employees and staff members.

The Founders and CEOs for these companies usually have a lot of experience, and when it comes to whistleblowing, they have handled over a hundred sensitive cases from workplaces from the whistle-blower hotline. They not only want to help protect people and company reputations but to help senior executives manage their businesses frauds, corruption and other risks. These organizations have experienced staff who are willing to help you as a partner to make strategic decisions and give you constructive solutions to protect your people and your business or organization. One source worth looking into this topic is core integrity.

The Services

These organizations are all about helping protect people and business and here’s a few services on how they help make that mission come true for every organization, every day. With the Speak Up Integrity Hotline,  Integrity Advisory Services, Physical Security Services,Workplace Investigation Services, Sports Integrity Services, Corethix.

Speak Up Integrity Hotline: This is where an employee or staff member could call in and report about any business misconduct happening at their workplace. These reports will always remain private and confidential and will be handled without causing a scene to other staff members or third parties.

Workplace Investigation Services: This is where the organizationlooks into the business that is following unfair business practices and wrong doings, such as frauds, illegal trades or even racial harassment.

Integrity Advisory Services: This is where they would advise the business or organization on how to prevent and manage and risks in order to protect its staff and business reputation while maintaining a good work environment.

Physical Security Services: This is where they help a business or organization protect its assets and important physical material from any risk of fraud or more. This is important as it helps a business maintain a good image and grow without any failure or drawback.

Sports Integrity Services: This service is to help sports organizations and business to protect their people, company and current and possible sponsors in order to maintain a healthy work environment.

Corethix: And finally, Corethix is an online platform where you can report all business or organization wrong doings and it provides a centralized view of your company or the company you work for with real-time information and insights to help manage risks.

In conclusion, whistle-blower hotline businesses is the best way to help your business grow by not only protecting your people but also your company by managing all kinds of risks and getting insights to avoid those risks from repeating in the future and contribute to building that safe work environment for all people and businesses.

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