- June 25, 2021

Wedding Season: Putting on The Right Guest Attire

Although a dress code does simplify things a little bit, if you’re like most of us, prepping the right outfit for a wedding can still be a challenging task. There are so many things that can cause a stir in deciding a guest appropriate outfit to either your friend or family wedding. Keep reading as we talk about the factors, dos and don’ts as well as the dress codes when it comes to putting together the right wedding guest attire.

Factors To Consider

The timing – the time of the day can indeed have an effect on your choice of dress. Daytime often considers dresses that are lighter yet festive whereas evening weddings often require a more formal get up with gowns or long dresses.

The weather – having an idea about the weather forecast during the wedding day can help you prepare your attire accordingly so as to avoid mishaps such as short frocks on windy days. It’s also best to have layers ready in case of high A/C or evening chills.

The location – while this mainly means outdoors vs. indoors, it also technically applies to the many different sub locations such as attending a beach party, a hotel or a garden party, etc. Each location requires different types of appropriate attires.

Knowing The Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t wear white – in order to avoid clashing with the bride it’s important to ensure you avoid colours such as white or even ivory, cream, etc as bridal gowns often come in such colours.

Do wear comfy shoes – from heels to wedding flats to wedges or even flip-flops if it’s a beach party, the comfort level of your shoes often depends on the location of the event.

Don’t be overexposed – alongside the presence of very near and dear friends, weddings are mostly a family packed event and therefore a certain level of decency needs to be maintained in the form of respect.

Don’t wear jeans – if there’s one event that a pair of jeans does not belong to, they are wedding ceremonies. They’re often considered wedding inappropriate and should therefore be avoided.

Don’t go bold – going too bold would put you on a highlight spot and we do not want that! It’s the bride’s day to shine and it’s a boundary that isn’t crossed.

Cracking The Dress Codes

Black Tie vs. White Tie – Where a black-tie event would require you to put on a length appropriate and classy evening dress with heels preferably, a white tie calls for a ball gown like look with either flats or short heighted shoes.

Dressy Casual vs. Cocktail –Dressy casual is also known as smart casual and consists of attires that are along the lines of a knee length skirt or dress or even an elegant pant suit with a pair of wedges. And as the name suggest cocktail dress codes require you to wear cocktail gowns that are either knee-length or mid-length with minimal accessories.

Wedding seasons can be fun to look forward to, so make your dressing-up experience equally fun!

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