- June 12, 2022

Useful Skills for Starting Your Own Side Hustle

Hustle culture is glorified, and is something that’s adapted by many millennials and zoomers. It is clear by now that these generations cannot simply earn money from one particular job and depend on it to fulfil their lifelong dreams that not just comprises of acquiring assets like houses and cars, but mostly comprises of travelling and trying out new experiences.

Further, the new starters in the job market are much different to individuals who made life their work. The younger generation values more free time, peace of mind and fair play when it comes to their career, and they’re always willing to look at opportunities that will help them fulfill these beliefs. If you’re looking to not depend only on your career, below are some trending areas that are ideal if you’re planning on starting your own side hustle.

Website Creation

With web 2.0 and metaverse coming to life, knowing how to make a website, even if it is on WordPress are skills that will be used by large and small companies alike. This expertise is needed if the entire worlds’ service providers, and sellers are planning on going online.

If you’re someone well versed in the craft of developing creative websites for a multinational or a solopreneur you can naturally earn money apart from your day job by taking out projects when you’re free. Once you’ve built a name for yourself in the industry, it can even be transformed into a fulltime venture.

Creative Skills

Ideation, copywriting, graphic designing are some creative skills that can be extremely useful for a side hustle if you prefer working from home, and working on your computer. However, if you want a more hands on approach to activate your creativity while also earning, pottery, painting, learning a musical instrument are great ideas. Also, if you have a certificate iii in painting and decorating helps to work on projects independently be it doing freelance work or even teaching.

Digital Marketing

Learning how to run google ads, social media ads and having a knowledge of SEO can also help you earn a side income. You can always sign up for a freelance network to get projects where you can earn per hour or per project. These courses are freely available with google and Facebook as well.

You can take it a notch higher and even learn linked in and TikTok ads. Digital media planning, strategizing and running performance-based ads are a good way to earn money especially if you’re more interested towards strategy.


Wedding planning, party planning and event planning is another business idea for those individuals who are naturally good planners, who has excellent time management and multi-tasking skills. It’s all about knowing the right contacts, managing everyone, and working according to a time table.  While this may be slightly difficult to handle as a part time job; while having a full-time 9 to 5 job, it is definitely something that can be accommodated if you’re doing multiple part time gigs.

Having an additional in this economy is more than just a blessing. You will contribute to the economy as well and the circulation of money.