- March 13, 2022

Types of PPE on Site

We love Construction, honestly, it’s the best, we eat, sleep, dream and breathe the stuff. Nothing gets me going in the morning like the smell of concrete mix and sweat. You may be asking, hey if you love construction so much, why don’t you talk about something cool? well hey, safety IS cool. In fact, I’d argue that it’s the coolest thing about construction nowadays. Whereas a few decades ago we had people eating their lunch on a steel beam suspended, hundreds of metres above ground (like a bunch of goons), now we have OSHA, who would literally have a heart attack if they saw anything like that. Either way, though construction has lost some of its machismo over the years and placed an emphasis on safety, we still love it, and we’re going to be writing a whole article about it today.

But before we get into that, Safety starts with knowing your equipment. We have to first talk about the types of equipment that are commonly used on site. When you consider mechanisms that help in the hoisting, pulling, and lifting process, you’re likely to think of a few things. The crane and maybe the crane operator but that’s about it. But we call your attention to one of the most underrated pieces of equipment out there. Lifting slings. Lifting slings are awesome because they are simple to use and pretty quintessential in the workplace. If you require a lifting sling for your workplace do check out lifting slings. They’ve got great equipment which will last you years upon years of wear and tear.

The first kind of PPE we’ll be talking about is called the Helmet, (a.k.a the hardhat, and head protection). Let’s be real, in a construction site, you need to be wary of all kinds of things dropping on your head, and bird droppings are the least concerning. You will be working in places where thousand-pound steel beams are being moved overhead, where people are working hundreds of feet up in the air and equipment may or may not come loose at any time. The hardhat exists to protect you from such falling objects. They are made to certain standards and are inspected by an officer to ensure that they are good for construction.

Another extremely important of PPE is called foot protection. These are basically boots that have a steel cap running at the toe. Objects have a propensity to come loose and fall down on construction sites. To protect against any kind of severe blow resulting from these objects that may cause the worker to be immobilized, the steel toe cap is a must on most construction sites. The shoes are also made specifically with standards in mind.

Reflective vests are also an important PPE gear. Reflective vests are useful because they cause a contrast between you and the rest of the construction yard. This way other people know exactly where you are and will be mindful of your presence. If they didn’t see you, who knows what may happen.

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