- April 22, 2021

Tips to Prepare for a Kids’ Pool Party

Pools parties are always fun. But when it comes to planning a kids’ party you need to make sure it lives up to their expectations all the while ensuring their safety. Take a look at the following tip to see how you can plan a pool party that is both fun and safe.

Decide on a Theme

Children love themed parties. Since your venue is a pool, this narrows down the list of themes you can choose. You can opt for a nautical themed party or a little mermaid themed party. Or it could simply be mermaids without the Disney themes. You can ask your children about their preferences. Remember that the theme decides the decoration and therefore try to stick to themes that are easier to pull off through the décor.

Food and Drinks

Planning food and drinks for a kids’ party is easier than planning them for a grown-up party. Since the children will be in the water and there is going to be a lot of playing, games and running around, keeping the food and drinks simple will be easier for everyone. Try to get snacks instead of full, fancy meals. For some extra sweet you can rent a cotton candy machine for the venue as well. Keep it simple with paper plates, plastic or paper cups, juice boxes and plastic cutlery.

Plan the Games

Keep your games water related. Kids love water and pools and therefore setting up some games that will not take them away from the water is always good. For example, getting water balloons or squirt guns will help you to keep up with the theme. Some of the games you can plan are Marco Polo or diving for special prices under the pool.

Get Ready with the Outfit

A pool party does not require fancy dress. But if you want to go with the theme, you can get them to wear swimsuits that go with the theme. Checkout some nautical themed swimsuits, mermaid patterns and other swimsuit pdf patterns online. The parents can then get together and decide whether your children can have matching party wear or let them choose their unique swimsuit.

Ready the Towels

You will need a lot of towels. We are talking about children and when they are in the play mode, keeping their towels safe and dry is the last thing on their mind. Be prepared to even have your towels drenched and dropped in the pool. Have a lot of extra towels ready to be used whenever the children need them.

Life Jackets

There is a small chance that a pool party will end up needing life jackets but when it comes to little children you can never be too prepared. Also, remember that not every child has the same level of swimming skills. So, in case there is a little one who needs a little extra help getting in the pool, a life jacket will come in handy.

Sun Protection

Last but not the least, you need sun protection. Encourage the parents to remind their kids to use sunscreen. As the adults, you also need to remind them to reapply them after towel drying. In addition to the sunscreen, it is also better if you can prepare the kids with hats and get some outdoor umbrellas to keep them protected from the sun during the party.

Once you have all the necessary items planned out, the party will be ready. Make sure to have everything ready so the day can go without any glitches.

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