- April 14, 2021

Tips to Make Sure Your Wedding Is Not Boring

Getting invited to a wedding is a privilege but sometimes it’s not always a pleasure for the invitee, especially when a wedding is boring. The last thing a couple would want is guestschecking their watches to leave the place. Even if you plan out the most perfect wedding with the ideal venue or souvenirs, the guests can easily get bored at the slightest idle hours. So, if you want your guests to have the most excitingexperience at your wedding no matter how small it is, here are few tips to help you out.

Choose the right venue

Yes, the word wedding venue is a very costly word. Of course, your budget will also decide which venue you will choose. But remember that choosing the right venue for your wedding goes a long way in keeping your guests entertained.

Even if you may not be able to go for expensive venues, try to go for options like outdoor venues that are reasonably priced with a great view to it. This will keep guess busy in taking pictures and enjoying the views around the venue.

Nowadays many science museums rent their exhibit areas for wedding functions. If you’re an animal or wild life lover, even zoo’s offer banquet spaces with the animals in full view. If you’re getting a bland reception space for budget concerns, dress up the venue with dramatic decors or speciality entertainment like photo booths to entertain your guests.

Get different with entertainment

Yes, the DJ plays a great role in setting up the dance floor and the overall party mood. In truth, music is inevitable in an event like a wedding. However, not all like or see music as the only form of entertainment. Let’s be honest, some wedding can have the best DJ on board and still be boring as hell. This is why you need to consider performers.

If you’re considering hiring a Master of Ceremonies Gian Blundo they can lighten up the tone of your wedding. These professionals add a totally different twist to the concept of entertainment in your wedding unlike music and keep the event moving in a more organized manner. However, before you hire performers to your event, make sure you follow up on their testimonial or reviews, the wrong choice can still make your event boring.

Avoid idle hours

Weddings are usually scheduled centring the bride and the groom. What such scheduling does is that it leaves behind the guests idle for several hours, especially when the couple is taking formal wedding pictures. So, make sure you’re scheduling something for the guests to do during these idle hours, so they don’t get bored.

You can consider making a cocktail table where the guests can have a drink and chill out till the event begins, set up an elegant courtyard where the guests can mingle and have a little chit-chat or even set up a grazing tale where the guests can keep nibbling on. All these make the party atmosphere live and happening, even if you maybe busy doing your own things.

As you can see, they key to not make your wedding boring is to make sure you are planning out well on how your guests can be entertained. Happy guests make a happy and happening wedding.

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