- December 22, 2021

Tips for Selecting Flowers for an Arrangement

Making a flower arrangement can be a very relaxing activity. And it can bring such joy when you display the flower arrangement in your home. You can keep them alive for a long time granted that you replace the water every few days and make sure that the stems are getting enough water. You can also make your friends and family happy by gifting them with beautiful bouquets.

You can always go to the florist to get a beautiful flower arrangement. But if you are purchasing flowers Lilydale, you need to know what to select if you are making the arrangement. You need to have a mix of flowers and foliage for an arrangement to be balanced and beautiful. It allows the flowers to breathe and stand out. The flower arrangements that you can create each season will be different and it will all be beautiful. You need to create interest and drama when you select flowers. If the flowers types that you use are very similar to each other, then there is no contrast. So you need to select differently shaped flowers and foliage so that there are sufficient differences. The outline of the arrangement will be tall flowers. These are also called line flowers because these flowers are in a linear shape. You can choose blossom, gladioli, tuberose, snapdragon etc. for the line flowers.

The focus of the arrangement will be on the form flowers. This is what makes up most of the flower arrangement. Because this is the largest part of your flower arrangement, you can use a prominent flowers like roses, dahlias, zinnias, chrysanthemums, carnations etc. You also need to select three or five flowers to be the feature flowers in your arrangement. These can be a large tulip, iris, anthurium or rose. This is the largest flower that you will have in the arrangement and it will pop against the form flowers.  This will grab the attention of the viewers. Once they see the features flowers, their attention will then flow to the other flowers in the arrangement.

The flowers discussed above are primary flowers. Then there are filler flowers which are generally small size flowers that you can use in between the primary flowers. This will allow the more prominent flowers to breathe and avoid competing for attention with the others. You can use Queen Anne’s lace, misty, wax flower etc. as filler flowers. You need to make sure that you put only as much filler as needed because if you use too much of the filler flowers, the arrangement can be too noisy and it will drown out the rest of the flowers. Foliage is also an important part of a flower arrangement. You need to choose foliage that will last a long time. Some examples of foliage that you can use for a flower arrangement are leather fern, ming fern, emu grass and eucalyptus gum. Make sure that you only use foliage as necessary as you need to keep the focus on the primary flowers.

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