- September 18, 2021

Things To Know About Corrugated Boxes

The most commonly used packaging material nowadays is cardboard. The main qualities of this box material are that it is light in weight, resilient- offering protection to goods, and is very strong. 

If you are wondering what makes these boxes strong; the answer is right here. The cardboard boxes get their strength from corrugated cardboard. Keep reading below to find out more. 

What is the definition of corrugated boxes?

In brief, corrugated boxes have a strict arrangement of thick cards; which creates a strong wall for a cardboard box. In fact, this structure is the ultimate reason for cardboard being strong. Thus, having a good resistance against bumps, scratches, crushing, etc, making it a good option for transporting goods. 

The containerboard used to corrugate the boxes is set up in a zigzag-like manner- offering strength to each side of the box. Following this, it is secured with a thin paper layer on one side of the pattern. It is also known as fluting. There are various fluting materials available, such as the Kraft, Test, and much more. 

What is the difference between the boxes?

Cardboard boxes

These boxes are usually chipboard boxes, mainly used to carry lightweight products. Such as cereal boxes and card games.

Corrugated boxes

In comparison to cardboard boxes, these corrugated boxes are rich in strength. Indeed, it is popularly used in retail industries. Shipping with Custom Boxes pallet boxes are durable and lightweight, making it an appropriate option. Besides that, it is also used for packaging goods and product displays.

The cardboard box strength varies, depending on the material used for liners and medium. Below mentioned are a few examples for your understanding. 

What is a liner?

Liner is the flat board used on the outer surface that holds the medium together. 

What is the medium?

Medium is the fluting material that is fixed in a wavy shape between the liners.

What are the various classes of corrugated cardboard?

Single Face board

A single corrugated fluting element is glued to one flat sheet of the liner. Hence, the flutes are in the open. 

One Wall board

It is also known as a double-face board. Meaning, the corrugated medium is fixed between two flat sheets of cardboard.

Double Wall board

In this box type, there are two layers of the wall. Hence, it is made using three flat layers of liners with two strong mediums in between. 

Triple Wall Board

It is the most secure and durable board class out of all. This cardboard is made with four layers of the liner, supported with three corrugated mediums between it.

Are the corrugated cardboards recyclable?

It is essential for one to be aware of the products they are using. Even as the slightest thing as the packaging material. 

For instance, having a product packed in a brown paper bag is much praised than in a plastic bag. As it is, the material plastic is prone to harm the environment. 

However, the great news here is, you don’t have to worry! The corrugated cardboards are biodegradable.

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