- June 28, 2022

Things To Have in Having a Bearded Dragon as House Pet

Today one of the most sought after pets that people want is the exotic bearded dragon. Do not be fooled by its aggressive and pugnacious looks because it’s all for a show, bearded dragons and docile animals they just tend to be territorial but then again, they usually cause no harm to humans, which is why it is also highly recommended to have as pets for children because of its placid nature.

If you are considering in having one make sure that you read first the laws pertaining to ownership of such animals if it is legally supported in your area, and if it is then you might want to consider these things to prepare before having that exotic bearded dragon.


You have to prepare some various feeds for your bearded dragon. Now there are various things that you can feed the animal, you can feed it some live insects such as mealworms which are abundantly sold in your local pet stores, given that the lizard is old enough to feed on it.

Now you can settle for smaller feed and smaller insects or some vegetables if the lizard is still young. You must be ready to also build a bond with the reptile in terms of learning how to feed it as it will be wholly dependent on you in terms of its foods you also have to provide clean water for the lizard to drink.

Container or Cage

Now there must be space where you can put your beloved pet to safety. You will not be putting the reptile in the cage all the time, there will be times where you will be letting it roam around the house given that you have everything under control.

You can setup the reptile tank in a place where it cannot be readily disturbed by the people in the house and you can also put the feeding tools in the tank so that the reptile can be condition to like the tank and consider it as a refuge and a safe place to rest.

Controlled Environment

The environment in which the animal would live should also be controlled. It should not be placed in a place where there is constant heavy traffic or overcrowded place as the animal might get stressed due to noise and other factors.

Controlling the environment meant that you clear all the places where the lizard could get stuck or be stepped on, which means it should be an a well-lit and cleaned room with minimum human interaction plus the humidity and lighting of that room must also be controlled and modulated at times.

You have to prepare everything before you get a bearded dragon as a pet because such creature is still considered exotic even if more of its kind has been considered a household pet my many people. There are still some environmental variables that needs to be considered for it to have a healthy and stress-free life.