- February 11, 2022

Things New Boat Owners Should Worry About

If you are ready to join in the fun on the water, buying a boat, whether new or used is the first step.  But there are some details to consider before turning on the switch.  First time boat owners out there, follow this simple checklist with tips on how to help to own easily.

Your Insurance

You must insure your boat against both liability and damage to the boat, and in this case, the boat’s insurance is similar to the policy that covers your car. It is important to understand that there are certain types of coverages for boats. You can get the insurance which you need.

Basic Boat Service

Powerboats and personal watercraft (PWCs) require at least one annual basic engine maintenance. Usually oil, filter, and fuel filters replacement, gearbox lubrication changes, visual inspection of the propeller, steering, and differential/tilt system.  If you live in weather with low temperature, the boat should be in for off-season storage.

Basic Equipment

Be sure, everyone on board requires a life jacket (so-called Personal Floating Device or PFDO), but do you have to have other items on board?  There is a comprehensive list of necessary tools as well as essential tools which are more than necessary and always better to have on board.  Browse through the safety equipment and boat safety checklist for a complete scoop.

There are also some items that are not often included in buying a new boat, including mooring lines and wings to secure the side of the boat, so you may have to invest.

It is important to get equipments for the boat as well. Electric outboard motors are gaining a lot of attention today: they are quiet, clean, maintenance-free, odorless, fuel and exhaust-free. 6hp long shaft outboard motor will be a great option.

Due to the hype of powerful electric outboard engines, it appears that electric outboard engines now offer an efficient alternative to internal combustion engines, making them an excellent choice for many boats including kayaks, inflatable, kayaks, inflatable, and sailboats.


Choice of fuel?  It’s time to fuel your boat, which is two areas of interest. What fuel should you use for your boat?

First, keep the appropriate fuel in your boat.  Consult your user manual to find out what octane fuel is needed, and especially remember that marine engines should not use motor fuel that contains more than 10 percent ethanol.  You will not see the high-capacity E15 at many water station. But if you are filling the boat with a road trailer, take a good look at the orange and black label at the ethanol content detection pump, before filling.

To learn more about ethanol and marine engine-related issues, choose the appropriate fuel and oil for your marine engine.

Fuel Leak

You need to refill to prevent spillage, even if it’s just a few drops. Some boats may overflow with fuel if you wait until the pump automatically shuts off.  Rather, listen to the hissing of fuel entering the tank.  You will usually hear fuel bubbles at the top, and you can turn off the pump before it gets full.

These should be considered by new boat owners.

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