- May 11, 2021

The Different Types of Classic French Bread

The French are well known when it comes to producing world class pastries and mouth-watering cakes but did you know that they are also the pioneers of a wide variety of bread as well?

In this article we will look in to the different kinds of French bread in depth and how they differ from each other:


Baguette is probably the type of French bread you are looking to buy on your next grocery shopping trip. It is the most popular French bread out there. It is a classic and differs from other types of bread in that it is long and thin. It is a crispy type of bread and tastes good enough even if it is plain. You can buy a few banneton baskets from banneton man Australia to store those extra bread at home.


Brioche is considered to be a pastry that is somewhere between cake and bread. It is crispy like bread but also carries a richness that you can find in cakes. It is made up of milk, eggs and loads of butter to give it that creamy flavour.


A ficelle closely resembles the baguette in appearance. They may look the same but they are actually quite different. Ficelle is thinner than a baguette and has a crusty exterior while hiding a soft interior. However, just like the baguette if you keep it sitting out for a few days it is most likely to lose its crispiness.

Pain de campagne

Translating to ‘country bread’, pain de campagne is a French sourdough bread. The centre of this bread is a bit dense and heavy and has a bit of a sour taste. It is a good choice for both lunch and dinner but is mostly used for sandwiches.


Best served warm, Fougasse is quite different from other kinds of French bread as it requires a larger and more complex variety of ingredients. It gives a robust herb flavour and is often made up of herbs such as thyme, sage and rosemary. It is sometimes even served with cheese on top.

Pain au Son

This is a whole grain bread and is darker than most of the other breads listed in this article. You could even consider this as one of the healthiest French breads out there. It has a high bran content which contributes to its flavour but also contributes to a higher fibre content as well. They are usually sold in small loaves and pair well with a delicious vegetable soup.


Faluche is well known as a breakfast meal in France. It is white bread and does not have a high fibre content. It tastes good with some butter and jam but as it is a tasty bread, you can try out some other toppings as well to suit your taste buds.

Now you can choose from a variety of bread types so every meal is different and interesting at the same time. Taste these types of bread and introduce your taste buds to a new kind of heaven. 

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