- July 2, 2021

Struggling to Buy Your Friend a Birthday Gift?

I always get stuck when there isa birthday coming up and I have to decide on a gift. Especially if I do not know the person I am gifting. So that’s personalized gifts out of the window. It does not even have to be a birthday; I just suck at gifts. And it never occurs to me what kind of general gift will be nice to give them. To that I end, to help anyone who can relate, here is a list of gifts you should consider.

Mugs are great gifts when mug printing is also an option! You can design a print of your own or choose from the hundreds, if not thousands, of templates online. The best part of mug printing is that they can be personalized to print whatever you want. If you want to be a bit clever why not buy inappropriate coffee mugs for a good laugh.

Printed t-shirts are also a good idea for the same reason as the mug. You can print literally anything you want, and a big plus if you can print something personal to the person you are gifting it to. Like an inside joke maybe.

Personalized face masks are quite the rage amidst a global pandemic. Your friend will almost definitely use, and it is a thoughtful gift given the times we are in. You can print all sorts of things in front of the mask and have a chuckle with your friends.

Another useful gift that your friend will be bound to cherish is a backpack. This is a particularly nice gift if your friend is a student or loves traveling or hiking. You can go the extra mile and fill the bag with treats and goodies like chocolates and cookies (hey that rhymed!).

Ornaments are also cute gifts and you friend will remember you every time they see it. It can be something like a small, cute statue or maybe even something practical like a unique pair of saltshakers, you name it. It might seem like a lame gift on paper, but a little bit of window shopping and you are bound to find really sweet ornaments.

Kitchenware as a gift is exclusively for your friends who absolutely love cooking. I am not saying pots and pans but things like aprons, oven mitts, fridge magnets, tea towels, anything that you can print a personalized message to your buddy.

Cards have been, are, and always will be a classic gift. If you can make card by hand, the sentimental value alone will get your friend all mellow and soft.

Is you buddy a gamer? Video games? Board games? You can buy them games and trust me they will appreciate it. If it is board games, you guys can play it whenever you hang out at their place. If it is video games, you will be getting him hours of fun.

There are many more gift ideas out there, these are but a few. If you know the giftee, more ideas will open up to you. In any case, happy gift hunting!

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