- June 3, 2021

Skills You Need to Develop as An Executive Coach

To be an effective executive coach there’s numerous coaching skills that you need to possess or develop. what makes a good executive coach? What are these coaching skills that an effective executive coach must have? The main responsibility of an executive coach is to support their client in achieving their establishment’s goals and to help them come up with solutions for existing and future problems.

An executive coach is someone who helms an executive to be an effective leader that their company needs. in order to be an effective coach some skills are necessary while others could be developed and learned. The below list enumerates the skills that you need to have or develop to be an executive coach that companies would hire.

Goal setting

when you are hired as an executive coach the first thing that you need to ask your client is what are the goals that they want to achieve by hiring you. there will be some instances where the company is not even clear on the goals that they want to pursue. if this is the case then you need to have goal setting skills to guide the actions and decisions of your clients into a goal that is specific measurable attainable realistic and timely (SMART). once a goal is clearly defined this will be the mile stone into measuring whether the company is progressing into accomplishing these purposes.

Showing empathy

Another important coaching skill that you need to have or develop is showing empathy. The reason why companies are hiring executive coaches is because they needed help. They need support for their executives and how they could become the leaders that the company needs.

An executive coach that is empathetic would easily connect with their client and earn their trust by showing that they are understanding of what they are going through and is amenable to their plights. This is an important skill and coaches who have undergone executive coaching Sydney based organizations have certified the importance of building a rapport and earning the client’s trust early on in the relationship.

Being objective

Another basic skill that an executive coach must have is being objective. this goes hand-in-hand with being interested in all aspects of your client’s organization. if you are curious about all facets of your client’s interest, you would be able to pinpoint and determine which aspect needs work, which part needs improvement and which section needs to be changed and built from scratch.

You also need to be inquisitive and ask all the right questions. When you ask the right questions, it makes your client think. It helps them arrive into an answer that they did not even realize yet that they are looking for. As an executive coach, you don’t have to tell them the right answers, you have to coach them about the process but they should be the one to arrive at the solution.

As an executive coach, you also must check in with your client constantly. Track their progress without them having the feeling that you are constantly hovering for them to not be that dependent on you.

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