- March 28, 2021

Should You Buy or DIY Your Garage’s Storage Shelves?

There are numerous pros and cons to buying or doing your own garage’s storage shelves. It just depends on you on how you should weigh the pros and cons, and of course, if you are handy with the tools. If you are a handyman and could build things from scratch, then you have the option of making the storage shelves for your garage instead of buying one.

Pros of DIY

When you do your own garage shelving, it would be significantly cheaper since the only costs are for the materials you would be using. Just make sure that you do the measurements correctly so you would not make any mistakes in cutting the materials. Other pros of doing the shelves yourself are that you could customize it the way you like. You could have a floor to ceiling shelving or just with few levels.

This is especially beneficial to odd shaped garages and there are no prefabricated shelves would fit the available space. DIY shelves are also sturdy (well, it depends on how good of a craftsman you are). When you do the shelves yourself, of course, you would want it to be durable and normally, you would reinforce the shelves’ structure. For manufactured shelves, you are not sure about the quality, unless it is made by manufacturers who have been doing shelves for garages for a long time.

Cons of DIY

If you need the shelves as soon as possible, then it is better that you purchase a prefab one because no matter how skilled you are, building one will still take time. You need to measure the space, you need to buy the materials, cut them according to size then build them as opposed to just driving to the store and paying for one. If you also don’t have the necessary tools to make one, then it could also be an additional cost.

Pros of Buying

One of the obvious advantages of buying one is that it is easy. You find one that you like from a store or online, you pay for it and have it delivered to your home. You don’t need to install or assemble it yourself since you could avail of the assembling services offered by most stores that sell these shelves.

Cons of Buying

Good shelves are significantly pricier but you also have to remember that you get what you pay for. Splurging would ensure that the shelves are sturdier; more affordable ones might mean that the materials used are cheaper or the craftsmanship is not good.

If you want to ensure that the shelves you are buying is sturdy (as you should since you would be storing a lot of stuff in your garage) buy from reputable manufacturers. If you buy a more customized garage shelf, it would also be pricey as compared to already manufactured ones.

Both methods have their own significant advantages and disadvantages and it is best that you choose depending on your requirement and budget.

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