- March 30, 2021

Questions You Might Have About Powder Coating

Powder coating is a method to reinforce metals. Coated metals are mostly used on household appliances, transportation vehicles and automotive parts. The metals are coated due to various reasons.

What Are The Benefits?

There are numerous advantages to powder coating your metals, especially if you use metals for a living. When your metals are properly coated, they would stand the test of time and would not easily rust. They would become more durable, environmentally safe and would not require any maintenance. With other methods, powder coating involves a more efficient drying and curing process.

How Long Would the Process Take?

There are other methods of coating steel, but using a powder coating service is one of the easiest since it only consists of three basic steps. They are pre-treatment, powder application and curing. With the pre-treatment step, the steel is prepped by removing dirt, oil, greases and grime.

This is important to make sure the next step which is the powder coating will be effective. If the steel is not prepped beforehand, the powder which is applied to the metal objects by spraying it using an electrostatic gun will not stick. The last step, curing takes approximately 30 minutes to heat up the powder coating and cure it.

Is It Expensive?

The price actually varies since there are a lot of factors to consider such as the size of the steel that needs to be coated, the kind of powder to be used, the process for curing (laser curing, infrared or convection cure ovens), and how much work needs to be done on the steel during pre-treatment. For you to have an idea, the usual price range is $0.40 to $4 per square foot of the material that needs to be powder coated.

Is It Only Used on Steel And Metals?

This process is also available for non-metal materials, although limited since the material must be able to withstand the curing temperature of the oven. If there is likelihood for the material to melt burn or be deformed because of the heat, it should not undergo this coating process.

Is It Used by Various Industries?

It is also preferred by many since they could be used for decorative purposes. Powder coating finishes varies from glossy, clear, glittered, metallic, satin, etc. These textured coatings are advisable to hide the materials imperfections such as scratches and dents. With this, painting the materials again or other finishing steps are eliminated, saving money and time.

Powder Coating vs Wet Paint?

Powder coating is more durable than wet paint and it is generally safer to use and store. Wet paint is highly flammable and could cause health problems after long exposure. Although when it comes to color choices, the choices for powder coating more limited compared to wet paint.

You could never really go wrong with powder coating your steel since it prolongs the longevity of the steel. In the end, it is still far economical instead of replacing compromised steel from time to time.

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