- April 7, 2022

Must-Have Items for Potty Training

Potty training is not a one-day task. It takes patience and a really long time for your child to master how to use the toilet properly and have better control with their pee and poop. Although there are some lucky parents who only potty trained their child for a shorter time like days or weeks and their child already uses the toilet like a natural, there are some who find it really challenging especially when their child feels reluctant in using the toilet itself.

Before introducing your child to potty training, there are some supplies that you need to prepare to make it more convenient for both you and your child. Here are the must-have items you need when potty training.

Potty or Potty Seat

Since adults normally use the toilet when they go, it would be better if you train your child directly on how to use the toilet. However, some kids feel uncomfortable or even scared with the toilet because it is too big for them. You could make it feel more comfortable for their size by installing a potty seat.

This toilet add-on usually has colourful designs that make it more appealing to kids plus it reduces the toilet into a child-friendly size. You could also have a potty if your child still doesn’t prefer the regular toilet. It all depends which one your child prefers to use.


When you start potty training, do away with the diapers especially at daytime. Wearing underwear can be a great motivator for your child since it makes them feel like a big boy or girl. Choose an underwear set with fun colours, prints, or even characters from their favourite cartoons to get them more excited in wearing them. With an underwear, your child will feel the wetness more compared to diapers, giving them more awareness when they already peed or not.

Mattress Pad

Accidents happen more commonly at night since your child has lesser bladder control while asleep. To protect the mattress from getting soaked and lessen the sheets that needs to be washed, use an absorbent mattress pad instead. A good mattress pad can absorb all the wetness and prevent it from leaking into the sheets and bed, saving you a lot in clean-up. Shop Spewy’s bed wetting mat for a more convenient night time potty training.

Wet Bag

When you’re going out with your child, it is best to have a wet bag ready just in case of an accident while you’re outside. In case your child accidentally wets himself, you could just put on some fresh clothes into him and place the wet ones in the wet bag.


Rewards make potty training more exciting for our child. When he makes a successful use of the toilet, be sure to provide reward to encourage the right behaviour. It could be small fun things like stickers or stamps. You could also give small treats like a child-safe candy. The goal of giving rewards is to make the child get more interested in doing the right behaviour again, which is using the potty or toilet correctly.

With these supplies, potty training is surely made more effective and convenient for both you and your child.