- April 14, 2021

Must-Have Details for a Floral Wedding

Floral theme is one of the most popular when it comes to weddings. Aside from looking so natural, floral theme is also versatile even when done with other décor themes. For instance, you can add floral decors on vintage, bohemian, contemporary, or any other theme you like.

If you want to have a floral wedding yet still looking for the best ideas on how to make it fabulous, here are some of the essential details where you could incorporate floral design and flowers into your event.

Floral Dresses

First of all, the wedding dress is an important detail that catches the attention of everyone in the room. For floral weddings, why not go for a floral themed wedding dress too? If prints aren’t your style, you could go for a gown with floral embroidery for classic elegance and a floral touch. Don’t forget to dress your bridesmaids in best floral dresses as well. You could have flower crowns as accessories for the ladies and corsage for men.

Floral Display

Flowers are an important part of a floral themed wedding. There are plenty of creative ways to use flowers in your decoration. You could have an aisle lined with flowers that you love. You could also decorate the seats or benches with flowers. A flower arch is also a great decoration for your wedding. You could place one on the entryway and another on the spot where the couple will say their wedding vows.

For the reception, floral centrepieces are a hit to make your venue look fancy and fresh at the same time. If you need amazing floral styling skills for your wedding decoration, hiring a professional floral stylist is a great solution. Aside from floral centrepieces, floral stylists can also create a lovely backdrop and flower arrangements for your special event.

Floral Theme Cakes and Cupcakes

Another eye-catcher in a wedding venue is the wedding cake. Use this feature to enhance your venue by having a floral theme wedding cake. Whether it’s two or three tiered, it would definitely complement the overall look of the venue. You could also have cupcakes with floral toppers as an extra treat for your guests or as a sweet party favour. Floral cupcakes can also make your dessert table look sweeter and lovely.

Petal Confetti

Confetti can highlight certain times in an event. In a wedding, you could have a confetti after the event as the couple marches out from the church. For floral weddings, instead of using a regular confetti, go for fresh flower petals instead. Have some cute flower girls spread beautiful petals on the aisle to make way as the bride walks in. After the event, the guests can shower the newlyweds with fresh petals as they march out together. Petal confetti looks definitely dreamy and beautiful compared to regular confetti.

Make your wedding more beautiful, fancy, and sweet with a floral wedding theme that is complete with all those essential details mentioned above.

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