- April 8, 2021

Must-Have Boho Chic Pieces for Summer

Boho fashion is one of the favourites of those who love relaxed and free-flowing outfits. Despite its casual look, boho fashion can also become classy and elegant depending on how you accessorize it. With the temperature rising outside, wearing flowy clothes are definitely perfect to keep us cool as we enjoy our time outdoors.

If you’re one of those who want to start trying out this cool fashion style and don’t know which pieces to start with, here are some of the best must-haves to start with.

Mini Dress

A mini dress is just a versatile boho piece you could dress up for any occasion. You can wear it with boots, flats, or heels depending on the occasion. If the weather gets chilly, you can layer it with a knitted blazer to keep you warm. You could wear it sleeveless during summer months to keep cool and look fresh all day long. When trying to go boho, look for flowy ones with earthy tones or prints then accessorize the way you want to.

Flowy Skirt

Maxi skirts and wrap skirts are just two of the most basic pieces you should have in your wardrobe if you love boho fashion. They are easy to style plus flowy skirts flatter almost every body shape, making you look perfect wherever you go. You could wear your favourite boho skirt with a bikini top, a graphic tee, chunky knit, or a flowy blouse as long as the colours complement each other. Be sure to get the right fit and length when shopping for boho skirts or you could even make your own with this gypsy wrap skirt pattern.

Maxi Dress

If you’re looking for something to go with formal occasions, a maxi dress is a perfect to go piece that stay boho while being elegant as well. Prints look perfect for casual occasions but if you want to make it look more formal and elegant, go for plain ones with neutral or earthy tones. Your shoes and accessories will be the ones that add style to your formal boho outfit – it is recommended that you go for elegant accessories made of gold or silver and choose heels for your footwear.

Chunky Knits and Cardigans

These two must-have pieces are what you need when it is a bit chilly outside. Wearing regular jackets and sweaters will ruin your boho look. Chunky knits and cardigans are the perfect layering to carry that boho style outfit that you have on.

Boho Accessories

Your outfit would never be complete without boho accessories. The most popular picks are chunky jewelleries, scarves, hats, turbans, handbags, and headbands. You could also experiment with other items as long as it looks great with your outfit.

Whether you’re planning to go out on a weekend at the beach or just having some meet up with friends, wearing boho style will surely turn heads to your direction. Try it out by investing on these key pieces for your boho wardrobe.

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