- November 30, 2021

Kitchen Interior: Knowing the Different Types of Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect of interior design as a whole, be it in the living room, bedroom or even the kitchen! Not only will it enhance and make your kitchen look much greater, but it will also add the necessary ambience and mood.

Using the right lighting can help create a sense of balance in every aspect of your kitchen. The more inviting the kitchen, the more you want to put on your chef hat and whip up something special! There are a variety of different lighting that would work for any kitchen. Here are some of the different types of kitchen lighting you should know about.

Task Lighting

While the look your lighting provides is important, your lighting should also serve a sense of purpose and functionality, such as being able to read a recipe book, chopping up vegetable and fruits, etc. Task lighting does just that. As a lighting that’s specified for the needed kitchen tasks, it’s best and recommended to own one.

Décor Lighting

Now this, while also functional, is mainly used for decorative purposes. In order to help accent your kitchen corners and bring in beauty to it, decorative lighting adds in the glam. Available in different design schemes and lighting tones, you can choose art deco lighting that fits your kitchen interior the best. Using a professional opinion could also help you make a solid choice. 

Surface Lighting

As a standard type of lighting, surface lighting is the type that sits on top of a flat surface such as the ceiling. They are single fixtures that come in the shape of a bowl or mushroom with a singular bulb or rectangular in shape with many florescent bulbs within. Putting up these lighting requires minimum alteration to the surface that you plan to mount it on.

Backlight Lighting

Backlights are lightings that are placed behind surfaces in order to define specific areas that are otherwise in the dark, especially if the main lightening doesn’t spread out through the space well enough. They provide a sense of more visibility to your kitchen work spots, making it easier for you to do your duties without any struggles!

Ambient Lighting

Also known as all-over light, an ambient lighting pools your kitchen space with ample amount of light. This fixture is set up in respective to the natural light you receive during the day so as to balance areas that don’t receive it and are more in the dark. Ambient lighting can illuminate more of your kitchen space and can come in the form of chandeliers, LED downlights, etc.

Pendant Lighting

While they are mounted on the ceiling, pendant lighting hangs down with the support of a chain or rod. While they are indeed a type of surface lighting, the capacity of a pendant light doesn’t reach all areas of a kitchen surface. They provide more visibility to only a targeted set of areas in the kitchen!

These are just few of the many different lightings present for a kitchen interior!

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