- December 16, 2021

Key areas enabled by marketing management digitization

If you’re planning to implement digitized marketing in your company or your marketing department, or if you’re merely considering doing it, you’re on the right path either way. Digitizing marketing management is definitely going to be one of the best investments in several areas. In this read, we have summarized all the key areas that will be enabled by marketing management digitization via software.

Without further ado, let us jump right into it.

Project management

The first and the foremost benefit you’re getting is the digitization of project management aspects. Under this area, you’ll be able to have all the ongoing projects in one user-friendly dashboard easy to access with a matter of a click.

Once you start from briefing, we move to project planning where you’d be able to plan timelines easier than the conventional software you use including giving specific permissions. This is also the inclusion of document management, reporting, and audit trials.

Workflow & Approval

This software fulfills the operations of fully sophisticated marketing workflow software solutions as well. Approval dashboards, approval levels, batched approval when you have a number of projects to approve at once, a proxy user approval system that allows a nominated proxy user to approve projects when you’re away and this list go on and on.

Resource management

A good manager always pays close attention to how the resources are being used. For the resources to be used, tasks must be completed. For tasks to be completed, they should be assigned and that can be done by digitized software, and also re-assignment.

Did we tell you that could schedule each and every day? In addition to that, you can manage your capacities on daily basis including the project metrics. As the cherry on top, you can track all the projects in real-time.

Digital asset management

This doesn’t need to be elaborated further since this is the area where the content is stored and handled. For example, you can set usage rights, complete brand archive facilities, re-run ads, production file storage, and everything is accessible, however, you want, as long as you’re authorized to access.

Word of advice

Now that you know what can be done, you might be wondering what should happen next if you wanted to integrate the system after all. Although you can straight away go into the real deal, wouldn’t you like to have a trial?

In this case, a trial version would more or less handicap the full potential. What you need is a demo. So, when you’re approaching a reliable company, be sure to inquire about the possibility of having a demo version. That way, you’ll be able to be well convinced as to why it’s never going to be a bad decision.

Over to you

Software solutions like these have all of the necessary operations embedded into them – it’s the full package. It’s your responsibility to pick the right ones before it’s too late. After all, the world is slowly coming back up to its pace, and when that happens, your company needs to be ready to tackle the challenges.

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