- April 22, 2021

How to Wear Heels Like A Pro?

Heels are one of the most iconic fashion statements that never seem to run out of style. But if we are being honest, we all know that they are not the most comfortable type of footwear. So how do we keep comfortable while still walking in a pair of fancy heels? Read below to find out some of the tips and fashion hacks you can follow to make walking in heels easier.

Check Your Shoe Size Once in a While

One of the most important factors when buying shoes is to buy the right size. This will obviously avoid unnecessary pains and blisters. But sometimes even after buying the right size, our feet size tends to change.

This can be due to various reasons such as weight loss or weight gain, or even due to body changes that happens after childbirth. So, if a pair of shoes that you’ve worn before start to give you trouble suddenly, check your feet size again. There is a chance that your feet size has changed and therefore will not sit right inside the shoe.

Gradual Slope

There are plenty of factors that we look into when buying shoes. But when it comes to heels, the slope of the heel is also something you need to look into. The shape of the heel makes the balls of our feet carry more body weight than the rest of the feet.

This is why we often feel aches in the ball of our feet when we wear heels. This is also why it is necessary to choose heels with a gradual slope when purchasing them. In order to do this, you need to pay attention to the incline or the slope.

 The incline is measured by the distance between the heel and the sole. A shorter distance means the slope is steep. A longer distance means the slope is more gradual and therefore is more comfortable. You can either compare the shoes yourself or get the shop assistants to help you to get these measurements.

Silicone Inserts

Silicone inserts or silicone insoles for shoes are thin strips of silicone placed inside the shoe for extra comfort. These soles help to lessen the pressure on the feet when you walk by cushioning the feet. They will also hold your feet more steadily when you wear heels avoiding the foot from sliding forward and hurting your toes. 

They also ensure that the pressure is more evenly distributed, reducing the pressure on the balls of the feet. You can buy silicone soles in many sizes depending on your feet size. Remember to also try them inside your shoe before buying to ensure that they fit inside.

Blister Blocks

We tend to use band aids often to block getting blisters. But sometimes you need a solution that is a little more subtle than a band aid. Especially if you are wearing heels with straps and do not cover your feet fully, you will have no way of hiding your band aids.

Blister blocks are products that you can rub on the sensitive spots before wearing the shoe. There are also blister paddings that you can purchase for the same reason. Blister paddings are much like silicone insoles but instead of acting as a sole, these cushion the feet from places that tend to chafe the feet and cause blisters.

When there are plenty of ways to make your feet comfortable, why suffer? Try out these solutions to make your walk stylish and flawless.

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