- September 23, 2021

How to Select Educational Toys for Your Children

Educational toys are a great way to maximize the benefits of play and your children can learn a lot and explore their limits with their use. There are many educational toys that you can find which will target different development stages. There are toys for boosting motor skills, increasing creativity and promoting communication. You will find the age group that the toy is targeting on the back of the package as well.

When you are looking for stem toys Australia, read what is on the package and see the technology that is incorporated into the toy. Most of the time, you will find that toys that have a simpler mechanism are more conducive to learning than toys that have high technology. This is because there is not much interaction that a high tech toy can give. Some of the simplest tools that you can give your child are crayons, paint supplies, building blocks, Legos etc. where they use their hands. They will exercise their critical thinking abilities when building something with the Lego or with play-dough. They will have a picture in their mind about what they are constructing and critically think about how to achieve it. When using multiple blocks, they have to think about how to balance them without them tumbling down and leaving their creating on the floor. There are also sorting toys that help them distinguish the difference between different shapes and colours. This will help them use their fine motor skills as they will use their hands to push a certain shape through similar shaped cavities etc.

You have to individualize the play according to the limits of your child and their preferences. They will have certain preferences over others when it comes to toys. For example, one child will particular like construction toys and vehicles. Or they can be more interested in painting or playing with water. All of this can be individualized and you can create different ways for them to play with the material you have. You can take them outside and allow them to use different tools by digging in the sand with a toy spade and bucket. When selecting the toy, you have to look at the age recommendations set by the manufacturer as well as reviews from parents who have purchased it for their child. But your child’s preferences will come first.

Imagination is something that you need to allow your child to explore. They have no limit to their imagination and ideas. This should be supported from an early age. You can look for toys that foster pretend play like a toy tea set or a construction set. These can be used by the child in many ways and they will adapt these to many situations. You can look for pretend play toys that can be shared by a number of children so they learn how to collaborate and work with each other. There are toys that help children to count and help them learn how to solve problems. While these toys may promote a lot of development benefits, you have to be realistic in your expectations as well. Your child will grow and learn on their own terms.

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