- March 16, 2022

How to Select a Ship Chandlery

Ship chandlers are retailers that offer supplies required by ships or other marine vessels. There are essential commodities that should be carried on a ship for the crew. Some of the items that come under this vast list are mops, boat hooks, hammers, oil tankers, hand pumps etc.

There are many places to buy chandlery so you need to carry out some research to get an idea of a reliable chandler. One of the main considerations is the certification of a ship chandler. This will ensure that they keep up the quality standards that are set by the state. You can ask for them to show the certification and check whether it is up to date.  The scale of different suppliers is different and some may have large scale businesses where spacious warehouses are available to keep goods safe. They will have a good inventory service and will be able to provide transportation services to different distances. You can ask the chandler about the efficiency of their transportation service and how they guarantee the safety of the goods. Timely delivery is very important as this will reflect on your timelines as well. So you need to check the references of the chandler and their reviews to see how prompt they are in their service.

When there are delays in delivery, the crew and the ship can be in trouble and this delay can affect the entire journey. Make sure that the chandler is aware of your timelines and when they need to deliver. You need to have an understanding of the communication of the ship handler. This is something you can assess in the beginning. Ask them about their services and how they operate to see how well they respond to your queries. Also, online reviews and references can help in this aspect a great deal. Select a ship chandler that is able to communicate in major languages so that they are able to speak with the local shops and the crew without any misunderstandings. This can ensure a smooth process.

It is best to compare the prices of several ship chandlers to get an idea of their affordability. They should not be offering higher than market prices. If you can find a ship chandler that is very versatile, you will be able to find the majority of the supplies you need. Fulfilling all your requirements in one location can make things very convenient. The reason that people use the services of a ship chandler is that you don’t need to go to several markets and stores to purchase the items for the ship and the crew members. You will be able to find everything under one roof and make sure that all essential goods are delivered on time to the ship. You can ask other ship operators about the ship chandlers they obtain services from. Getting a first-hand recommendation is best when it comes to selecting a ship chandler. You can also visit the company website of the supplier to get an idea of the array of goods they carry and whether they provide specialized services.

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