- April 20, 2022

How to Select a Clothes Peg for Your Laundry?

Clothes pegs are a much-used item in the house each laundry day. They are useful in drying wet clothes and they can allow the clothes to dry evenly. There are different materials for clothes pegs and different designs as well.

There are wooden, plastic, and stainless steel pegs. There are different colours, shapes, and designs and there is a range of prices available as well. But you need to check whether the quality of the peg that you receive for the price is well deserved. You also need to consider whether you are hanging laundry outdoors or indoors where the pegs will not face different weather conditions.        

Also, you need to consider the weight of the clothes. You will need a stronger peg to hang heavy items such as towels. If you are concerned about the eco-friendliness of the material, it is best to stay away from plastic options In this case, you can consider stainless steel or wooden pegs. Bamboo is a popular material when it comes to wooden clothes pegs and they are very versatile. You can use bamboo clothes pegs outdoors and indoors as they will be resistant to wear and tear. However, inconsistent high humid environments there can be some damage as there will be mildew or rot.

Stainless steel clothes pegs can be easily found and they are good for use in different kinds of weather conditions. You can use it to hang heavy wet laundry because metal is very strong. There are also wire cloth pegs made from stainless steel that you can find in different grades and strengths. Many people tend to choose a standard size when it comes to clothes pegs but there are a variety of sizes that you can use based on what you are hanging. There are mini, regular, and large sizes. The regular size is what is generally stored at most stores. The mini clothes pegs are mostly used for arts and crafts purposes. You can also use it to hang small items. However, they can break if they are used to hand-wet clothing. You can use them to ha.ng Christmas ornaments or organise cords. The large-sized pegs are good to hang heavy items like towels and bathrobes.

You can get your children involved in the activity of hanging clothes as well by purchasing different designs of clothes pegs that appeal to them. Look for unique designs that will give you a bit of joy when you hang clothes. This is something you will have to do regularly so it is nice to have some fun with it. There are pegs that are shaped like different characters, in different designs and colours, etc. The design of the clothes peg will not detract from its function. Check the different types of clothes pegs that are available in the market as well such as spring and traditional designs. Spring clips have a U shape and they are also known as terry clips. These are made from plastic or metal. There are different specifications for these clips as well.