- December 29, 2021

How To Prepare Your Home for A New Pet

Are you going to have a pet soon? It certainly can be exciting, but it also requires a bit of preparation. Here are the top things you’d focus on.

Pet Proofing

Safety might be the foremost thing to thing to think about, and there certainly is quite a bit you may have to pay attention to. You may want to put away anything hazardous – whether they are home décor items, toys, or cleaning products that can be toxic. You may need to get rid of items like wire cords, garden tools, medication, and anything that proves hazardous. Think of it as child proofing your home – that would be pretty much it!

Prepare a Personal Zone

It is a good idea to Set up a personal for your pet. Again, it is almost like giving your child his or her own room. Whether you will allow your pet to roam around the house freely, or restrict him/her to a specific space, it still would be a good idea to have their personal space so they would know which part of the home they ‘mostly’ belong and can call their own. Make sure all of this is done before the arrival of your pet so it makes it easier for them to settle down.

Pet Toys

Make sure you have a bunch of appropriate toys ready for your pet. Dogs love chewing on things and so you may want to get toys that can be chewed and explored. As for Cats and kittens, you may want to have balls of yarn and similar things that they can roll around. This will also ensure that your pet does not choose random items at home for play.

Know That Things Could Take A While

Kittens and pups may cry for a while as they try to adjust to their new home and the new environment. Thus, you need to expect some of it at the beginning and also know that it could take a while but will be okay, as long as you give them enough love and care.

Pet Supplies

Make sure you getstocks of all the essentials -collars, leashes, litter boxes, and everything else. It could take time and effort shopping for new kitten essentials in particular, and so, it is a good idea to start early and have it sorted before the arrival of your pet.

As for food, it is advisable to stick to the same type that they have been eating so far because it certainly can be hard enough adjusting to a new home, and you just might not want to make matters any difficult, whether it is a ‘little fela’ or a ‘big guy’ you will be dealing with.

Inspect and Clean Your Home

It all comes down to safety, just like it does when are dealing with children. Thus, you will need to inspect your home for open spaces, have your windows and doors secured, put away valuables and other items that you think are best kept away so your pets are freer in your home and premises, and also so you will have a lot less to worry about.

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