- April 22, 2021

How to Make A Fashion Statement with Your Outfit?

Making a fashion statement with your outfit doesn’t take much of your time or energy. Even if you have a conservative selection of choices, you can still make a fashion statement with it. All it takes for this is to ensure you are working well on some key areas that will bring out your whole look together. Here are three simple tips that can help you make a fashion statement with your outfit.

Invest in the right brand

No matter what kind of taste or sense of style you have make sure you are investing in right brands when it comes to your outfits. High quality brands like Hansel and Gretel clothing make sure that their pieces are one of a kind. Be it from the material, design or even the finishing, high quality brands make a unique statement- even if you prefer boring colours. Rarity is an important element of a fashion statement and investing in the right brand gives your outfit this rare look easily.

Now high quality doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be on the expensive end. You can still get plenty of branded wears at an affordable price. With a little reading or research, you’ll be able to find good branded wears at a reasonable price.

Your make up matters

When it comes to fashion freaks, make up is something out of the question. However, when making a fashion statement with your outfit, your makeup needs to be apt. This doesn’t mean you have to be a professional at it. Nowadays you get plenty of makeup tutorials and blogs created by fashion bloggers and influencers. Try to follow them and see how they make an outfit stand out with a fashion statement just by pairing it with a clever make-up look. Remember that your makeup can both enhance and ruin the final look of your outfit.

Don’t forget to accessorize

Accessorizing is an integral part in making a fashion statement with your outfit. Even if you may think it is easily overlooked, in truth your accessories are what helps you to upscale your outfit in making a fashion statement. Just take a look at celebrities and other famous models and their style of accessorizing.  No matter how minimal their accessories are, they always uplift and blend well with their outfits or the style their trying to reflect.

Many celebrities are renowned for making a fashion statement just with their accessories. Your accessories don’t have to just focus on earrings, neck pieces or rings, try to focus on hair accessories, scarves, belts, gloves, socks and even piercings. Remember that whatever accessory you choose, it needs to enhance the look of your outfit, not overshadow it. In truth, doing this is tricky and that’s why not all are capable of making a fashion statement with their outfits.

As you can see making a fashion statement calls for precise attention to what outfits you invest in, how well you carry it with your make up and the right accessories. Even if one of these are overlooked it can easily bring down the clarity of your fashion statement and can be rather generalized.

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