- April 24, 2021

How to Keep Up with New Trends

Keeping up with fashion trends are indeed tricky. Like fashion influencers best say it “One day you’re in fashion and the other day you’re out”. Above all keeping up with trends among busy schedules and a chaotic lifestyle is a real deal. So, if you’re wondering how to keep up with trends and not be looked down upon for your not so fashionable dressing style, here are some tips to help you out.

Follow fashion platforms

Fashion platforms be it the world famous “Fashion week” show, blogs or magazines are good ways to get a thorough look on recent trends. If not at least try to read or observe one fashion platform for a season. Usually around September most fashion platforms release spring/summer trends, whereas around February the fall/winter trends.

This goes a long way in helping you figure out trends for each season. Nowadays most of the popular fashion brands are on YouTube and they release trailers or updates about their collections, fashion shows or other fashion events through them. When you subscribe you can get instant updates about each of their new uploads. 

Another thing to emphasize here is that you don’t need to necessarily follow western fashion platforms. Depending on your nationality, where you live or even a specific ethnicity you prefer there are plenty of leading fashion brands for each of these preferences and follow platforms according to your interests.

Shop at fashion-forward brands

Nowadays there are plenty of fashion brands. This can also be one of the reasons why it’s easy to stay out of fashion than to stay in it, because we buy products from pretty much most of them. Let go of this habit and try to research about fashion-forward retailers or sellers and track their collections. These are clothing brands like Scanlan Theodore Australia and similar options release collections for each season to stay updated with the latest trends and fashion styles.

If you manage to get hold of a few fashion-forward clothing brands as such, it’s easier to stay up to the trend. This is because even if you may not know what the recent trends are, visiting such stores or boutiques can give you a glimpse of it and you’re sure to buy something trending.

Take tips from celebrities and leading fashion influencers

Celebrities and leading fashion influencers often wear designer pieces to special occasions. These are usually gifted by designers so they get recognition for their pieces and work. It’s these dresses or pieces that gets popularity as “Recent trends” because everyone looks to replicate the same style.

One best way to observe celebrities is to follow their Instagram profiles, where they tag details of their costume designers or from where they got it. Some even give out details of their makeup artists, photographer, accessory partners and even stylists. In fact, this is the latest way how professionals’ fashion and photographers get the limelight they need.

Most of us assume that trends are planned out and then released, when in truth it’s how a person presents a form of cloth/outfit or carries it. This is why even old vintage dresses gets back its recognitions as “the recent trend”. So as much you like to be on trend wearing a trending outfit, its important you carry yourself equally well to make the trend pop out altogether.

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