- November 30, 2021

How To Be a Better Team Leader

Not everyone is born a leader, but everyone can be a leader if they just step up to the task. But it takes much more than boss everyone around you to be a leader and it takes much more than that to become a better and effective leader. With so many books and authors pointing out which qualities and how one can become a better leader, here is a truncated version of everything there is to becoming an effective leader.

Less Egocentric

Be less self-centred and put the well-being of the members first. Not everything is about you, yes you are the leader and maybe you are the highest-ranking personnel in that department, nevertheless you still take on the ideas and pitch of your members, not because they are better, but because they are willing to pitch in and participate in such activity. It is not about the ego; it is about what is best in terms of growth and outcome.

Improve Skills

Open up yourself to the possibility and the idea that you are incomplete and that you do not know everything and absolutely to not have the solution and answer to all the problems that may arise in the department.

Therefore, go and learn, undergo trainings and seminars so that you can become a better person and a better leader. Take managing teams course and let yourself grow in the idea that you will always need to learn new things to become a better leader. As you become hungry for learning so will your members follow your footsteps.

Be kind and Honest

There is a misinformed notion among many people that being a boss or a leader mean that you have to be unkind and heartless and that you do not care about anything except outcome and production, this is wrong.

Being a leader meant that you will be taking into your authority the members that are placed under your care, whatever they do will reflect on you thus you have to take time to learn to be kind to your members and at the same time be honest with them in a way that you can still reprimand in a kind way the things that you want them to change or alter. Being kind is not being weak, it is the opposite, being kind meant that you can exert toughness even without demeaning someone.

Be Responsible

Be responsible to the things and decisions that you make. The first rule of leadership is that, everything is your fault. And that is very true. In leadership you take it all in, both the glory and the blame. If the team achieved something you take the glory together with the team but when you fail you also have to take the blame and not pass it on to the team. You can make adjustments to the team but you can never pass blame for something that happened under your command.

It takes much from you to become a leader that people can follow and respect at the same time. It takes more than a status, rank, or even charm to make people follow your lead, they must see first that you are willing to take the pressure and bear the weight of each step and then they will respect and follow you.

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