- April 27, 2021

How Do You Avoid Buying Fake Motorcycle Parts?

Motorcycle parts can be expensive. That’s why you wouldn’t want to waste your cash on fake parts. Keep in mind the below points if you want to purchase items that are genuine.


The chances of you buying motorcycle parts new that are genuine would be high. They would be sold in the packaging that the manufacturer placed, so all the labels and numbers would be in-tact.

Reputable Seller

Who are you buying from? There may be a myriad of sellers offering the product you’re interested in. Work with the largest name from the list. It would have a reputation to live up to, so it wouldn’t scam you. If there are stories of it scamming customers, they would freely be available.

If you’re interested in something like a WP suspension Australia has many stores to work with so finding someone reputable would be easy.

Take things up a notch and purchase from a store that is an official partner of the manufacturer. If you visit the store’s website, you’ll see a list of names it is partnered with.

Official Manufacturers

Speaking of reputable sellers, why not directly work with the company that is making the part? You wouldn’t have to worry about getting scammed. But the manufacture might not have any outlets near you. Hopefully, you can buy what you need online and get it delivered to you.

OEM Number

OEM numbers exist. They are numbers that are on the side of products that can be run through a database. If you run the number through the OEM site and don’t find a match, it is not genuine.

We earlier mentioned how you should purchase items new. On the package, the OEM code would be available. The part may also have the code on its body. However, as it’s old, it may not be the easiest to read.

Along with OEM numbers, VIN numbers can be used. They would tell you if what you’re buying would be compatible with your vehicle or not. If there is no VIN code, be worried.

Certificate & Warranty

What documents will you be getting with your purchase? Fake parts would not have warranties. After all, the manufacturer didn’t make them, so coverage wouldn’t be available. You wouldn’t get certificates for authenticity either.


You might not be making the purchase online. You might be visiting a store to pick the item up. Why not bring a mechanic with you? He would be able to inspect what you’re interested in, ensuring if it is genuine or not.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re buying parts for motorcycles or cars, there is a lot of ways you can tell if they would be fake or not. The best thing to keep in mind is who you would be buying from. Always go for the most reputable sellers – they are large names with reputations, so there would be lower chances of you getting scammed. What would also help would be buying directly from the manufacturer.

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