- January 22, 2021

How Are Restaurants Surviving the Pandemic?

The global pandemic that has now been around for over a year is still causing a great deal of difficulty and inconvenience to all businesses and industries, with no sign of slowing down. The changes have forced businesses to change the way they carry out operations to adapt to the new normal.

The hotel, hospitality, and restaurants businesses are some of the most greatly affected. People not being allowed in small spaces or rather not feeling safe enough to, has resulted in them having to find new ways to keep existing customers. While temporary closure would have worked at the beginning stages, in order for a restaurant to continue operations these are some of the strategies they have adopted.

Off Premises

The most obvious step to dealing with restaurants being closed to customers was to start with the delivery or takeaway options. For most restaurants, this strategy would have already existed but now was the time to make it their best-selling point. In order to push customers to try takeaways, turn to social media advertising with slogans like “If you are looking for the best takeaway pasta Yarraville has some great pasta places to try out.”Ensure the delivery and takeaway process is easy for customers.

Tutorials from the Restaurant Itself

This strategy has not been adopted by many yet but has a powerful way of reaching out to customers that follow the restaurant on social media platforms. A short tutorial on how to make an easy dish from the head chef itself is a great way to gain some publicity.

Or another idea could be for the restaurant to sponsor an influencer’s cooking tutorial, this way the reach is larger and advertising reaches potential clients who may not be aware of your restaurant. The idea of social media advertising is to be creative and ensure the scope of reach is large.

Contactless Payments

Switching to card payments, online transfers, and cashless payments have gained a lot of popularity. The new concept of QR codes before entering the premises reduces human contact and keeps it to a minimum.

Meal Kits

Once again this is a concept that has increased ever since the pandemic. Meal kits are raw meats; vegetables and any other food that helps people prepare their own meal. It is a form of groceries that restaurants provide to their customers based on orders.

If someone is not able to order a meal, a meal kit might be an easier option as it can be priced cheaper than the meal. Having a combination of restaurant prepared meals and meal kits with groceries provide diversity from on income to the restaurant.

Limited Seating and Bookings

Operating at half capacity or socially distant seating arrangements have already been introduced across all restaurants. Some only welcome guests with prior bookings or opt for outdoor seating instead at normally crowded indoor restaurants. When operating like this, it does take a hit to sales and profits but it is so far the only option

A combination of these options can help restaurants survive the strains of the pandemic as best as possible.

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