- April 23, 2021

Fun Activities to Try Out with Your Best Friend

A best friend is someone who you can be with without having any fear of being judged. She would be the perfect person with whom you can try many fun and crazy things. Below listed are some fun and cool activities you do together to have an amazing time and create new memories.

Binge watch a tv series together

This is such a fun activity, you can either call over your friend to your place or you could go to your friend’s place. Pick a tv series that you both like. If you have a subscription to any of the platform you can watch through that or there are many other sites too. Once you have selected it, you can prepare your favourite snacks, this could be pizza, popcorn, fries anything and make sure to get into your comfortable clothing and just enjoy the show.

You can binge watch either a tv series that you have already watched or watch a new one together or you can try going on a movie marathon.

Go for a makeover

It is fun to dress up and try new styles. Both of you can visit a parlour or go to a spa to get yourself cleaned and refreshed. Then you can go do some shopping and wear new clothes and try a different make up and have fun the entire day strolling down the streets or going somewhere.

You can also try something cool like getting a different hair colour or getting temporary tattoos NZ parlours offer.


Doing something good for others will always make a person feel better. Doing it together with someone you like is going to be epic and would make you both feel very happy. Find out about any orphanages or elders’ home around in your neighbourhood or anywhere else and go and volunteer there.

Before you go contact the place and ask them if you could visit the place and if you have any activity planned let them know of it. If you are visiting an orphanage you can play with them or give them some gifts or if you are visiting an elder’s home you can go and talk with them.

Go on a holiday

Travelling with a friend is fun, it is a different feeling. Both of you can discuss where you want to travel, this could be within the country or out of the country. Once you have decided make the necessary arrangements and go.

Road trips can be very adventurous too. Travelling with no particular destination in mind is very exciting and you can get to explore new places or come across sites where you can stop and take pictures and it can give a new experience.

Going on a picnic together

Talk with your friend and pick a nice spot where you can go for a picnic, and bring good food so you can just chill and enjoy.


This is another activity you can do together. Select a dish which you will be both trying for the first time go for shopping together and watch some video or read a recipe and make the dish.

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