- March 24, 2022

Fiberglass Canopies for UTES – Pros and Cons

If you’re living outside of Australia, you might be wondering just what on earth is a UTE? A Ute is slang for a utility vehicle. It’s usually a large jeep-style vehicle with a bed in the back that you can load things onto. If you have a small business in Australia, the UTE is an invaluable piece of machinery as it helps move things to and fro. If you want to really get the most out of your UTE you really do need to increase its utility and the best way to do that is by installing a canopy (which is like a small roof) on the bed of the UTE.

There are a few choices that you can pick from when it comes to canopies. You will find fiberglass, and other materials such as aluminium used very widely in the UTE community. If you want to get yourself a quality canopy, look no further than fibreglass ute canopies. The team that works with them is simply excellent and you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to get in touch with them.

So, what are some of the pros and cons of getting a fiberglass canopy as opposed to a different material? One of the primary benefits is that its very lightweight. The material that fiberglass is made of is extremely light and will keep the weight of your UTE in check. This means that you will burn less fuel and will wear your tyres out less.

Another advantage of getting yourself a fiberglass canopy is its durability. This means that the canopy is extremely hard, as well as shock resistant. They can last for many, many years, absorbing all sorts of impacts and will not dent. An additional benefit is that they are fantastically low maintenance. This means that unlike other materials such as metal, there is no rust and fiberglass will never corrode. You will never have to give maintenance a second thought because pretty much all you need to do to maintain it is to give it a quick wash once in a while.

However, for all its benefits there are several disadvantages to getting a fiberglass UTE canopy too and one of the major ones is that it can get pretty pricey. Fiberglass is a very expensive material to make and mold, and though the finished product is fantastic, you will need to shell out a good amount to make it work for you. In addition, one of the other reasons why you might not want a fiberglass canopy is because they are not designed for very heavy loads. Of course, they are still very strong, however not as strong as aluminium canopies.

In addition, another con is that while it is low maintenance, you will want to keep it that way by getting it recoated once in a while. Periodic recoating is necessary to ensure the structural integrity of the fiberglass and this might be an unnecessary inconvenience to some UTE owners.