- May 2, 2021

Different Forms of Kava Supplements

Kava is a popular health supplement from the Pacific Islands. It is well known for its amazing health benefits such as reducing stress, anxiety, and promoting relaxation. Typically, a kava drink is made by grinding roots and extracting the kavalactones by kneading and squeezing the paste. However, this method is time consuming and many people these days are looking for easy to prepare drinks.

Since kava supplements are rising in popularity these days, selling it is a great business venture. However, you should have a license to sell it since kava is included in the controlled substances. To get started, here are some of the common forms of kava supplements you could sell.

Kava Tea

This is the most common way of taking kava supplements. All you need is to steep kava root ground, knead it for a few minutes and your kava tea is ready to drink. If you’re planning to sell kava as supplements, this is the most convenient way since you don’t need to process the product anymore. Just weigh the kava ground and put it into packs for distribution. Be sure to find a supplier that offers high quality kava root ground to ensure the quality of your product. Find a bulk and wholesale Kava online supplier for a faster process and lesser hassle.

Kava Capsules

Not all people like the natural taste of kava tea. To cater to those clients, you could also sell kava in capsule form. However, creating kava capsules require more processing than the regular kava tea. After getting the kava root extract, you need to process it into capsules containing a certain dose of kavalactones. After this process, you have to put the capsules in sealed bottles ready for selling. The whole process of making kava capsules is really tricky but you can be sure that many people would love it especially those who want to experience the health benefits of kava but don’t have time to prepare a traditional kava tea.

Kava Tincture

Just like kava capsules, kava tincture also takes a lot of processing before it can be sold. You’ll need fresh kava roots and your chosen menstruum for your mixture. It could be alcohol, water, vinegar, and many more. Many tincture manufacturers choose alcohol because of its long shelf life. To create a tincture, you need to grind the fresh kava roots to take out the extract.

After grinding, pour the alcohol or any of your chosen liquid to the mix. Be sure to use the right ratio of ground roots and liquid for a perfect recipe. This ratio varies depending on what type of liquid you use. Then mix the ground root and liquid for a few minutes and transfer into a sealed container. Let it sit for a few months away from direct sunlight. After brewing it, you can now transfer it into smaller bottles, ready for selling.

Kava is one of the unique yet bestselling health supplements nowadays since many people would love to experience its wonderful health benefits.

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