- May 22, 2021

Different Contact Sports Around the World

When you take the world of sports, there are quite a few sports that require physical contact. However, most of the sports do not require physical contact, but may require an immense level of cardiovascular fitness. The interesting fact is that it is contact sports that are considered to be the most popularly ones around the world due to the fact that it seems to be very entertaining to the masses. What are these sports though? The following are just some of the contact sports that are popular around the world.


Of course, one of the most popular sports is the ‘beautiful game’. Created by the English centuries ago, the sport of football has become a sport that is known throughout the world with great enthusiasm. In fact, some of the more popular club football leagues, which is the English Premier League is believed to be watched around the world by millions of supporters, each supporter having their favourite club and player. However, one thing that is often not told that much to the masses is the severity of certain injuries to certain players. They can be quite serious, which would render them to be treated in a special Sports Podiatry and Physiotherapy Centre, which could take weeks or months to recover.


Although not as popular as football when taking the world population, it is a close runner up to it. This sport was also created by the English and considered to be the cousin of football. However, the main difference is that players can use their hands and feet. Moreover, the level of contact between each other is much fiercer, which lead to much nastier injuries. In many cases, bones can be broken, which is a must for any player to be treated by a specialist.

Gaelic Football

This is one of those sports that has a close similarity to modern day football, however, the main difference is that it is a cross, between rugby and football. For example, players have to dribble the ball in a special way. Moreover, they can score goals in two methods, either by kicking it over the ‘H’ goal post, or scoring a goal under the post. Interestingly, there is a goal keeper as well which can attempt to keep the ball out of the net when the opposing team is attempting to score below the post.

Australian Rules Football

The name itself tells where the sport originates from. Interestingly, this type of sport is a mix of the Gaelic game and rugby. The reason for this is that there are elements that are similar to each sport. For example, you have to dribble the ball like the Gaelic game, while the type of ball used is the same as a rugby ball. Although popular in Australia, it is quickly catching up around the world with many games being broadcasted. Similarly, this game also has a lot of contact.

There we have it, some popular contact sports that are popular around the world.

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