- April 30, 2021

Contactless Dining Order: The Smart Way to Go

With the arrival of COVID-19 came several safety precautions. Many businesses have had to adapt accordingly including restaurants. Having to maintain a restaurant amidst the pandemic comes with its own set of challenges. To change the main part of your work force isn’t an easy thing to do, but needs to be done in order to stay agile and keep running. Thanks to the modern technology one of the key changes made was restaurants being able to introduce contactless ordering.

What is contactless dining order?

It is exactly as it sounds like! Having to pass around a menu from person to person defeats the entire purpose of all the safety precautions being upheld. Therefore, having the option of contactless ordering is a huge benefit for both, the restaurants as well as the customers. With a contactless restaurant table order app, a restaurant can provide you with a safer dining experience and help place your orders with zero physical contact.

As a customer all you’re going to need is a QR code scanner on your phone. It lets you download the menu on your phone by simply scanning the QR code that is typically placed on the table. The QR code scanner could be inbuilt in your phone or simply downloaded through the app store. This specific process also allows the restaurant to identify your table number, and so giving you exactly what you ordered without any conflicts.

However, ordering off the menu isn’t the only great thing about restaurants having such an app. They even let you reserve your table ahead or track the progress of your order and of course make contactless payments. All of which is exactly what is needed at a time like this!

Benefits of contactless dining orders

We’ve established the fact that the ultimate goal and purpose of providing contactless ordering during you dine in is to reduce physical contact with people. But it’s not just something that benefits the customers; it’s also an application that benefits the staff as well.

It keeps all people, working and guests of the restaurant, safe and away from direct face to face contact during the pandemic, which is a major necessity. It helps follow the protocols of social distancing and enables business to work smoothly and for customers to grab their favourite meal without having to worry about the risks of COVID-19.

Not only does it limit human contact but it also limits surface contacts, which is another important safety factor when it comes to the virus. The lesser number of staff is another added advantage as not too many people should be gathered in the same area during such times.

Making use of such an advantage also reduces the conflicts of orders or misunderstandings. Customers are able to receive exactly what they ordered and even track the progress of their order which results in customer satisfaction.

So, knowing this, you can now head into restaurants with that offer contactless dining order and enjoy a much-needed meal without worries!

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