- November 21, 2021

Common Wiring Mistakes to Avoid in a Commercial Project

Wiring a commercial building must never be taken lightly, and there are many reasons behind it. For example, thousands of worth of electrical equipment just might not be able to be repaired, residents could end up with serious injuries and this list goes on. In this read, our plan is to disclose to you some of the most common wiring mistakes in commercial mistakes that must be avoided at all times.

Going for Conduits

There used to be a time when the MEP engineer used to pay a visit along with the structural engineer to give the green light on some concrete. Why? It’s because of the presence of the conduits. Coming at high costs, these wiring conduits have always been inside structural components for a long time, making it difficult to do changes after the concreting.

However, you shouldn’t be making this mistake any longer; not with there are trays on with you lay down all the cables and wires in the best way. In making a choice, remember to go for aluminum ones over the heavier stainless-steel ones as a rule of thumb.

Not Adhering to Future Extension Plans

We all expect everything to be done and dusted at the first go, but then there are occasions where you might be successful enough to extend the existing building either vertically or horizontally. When this happens, the most expensive renovation is going to be the rearrangement of the wiring layout. In fact, this is one more reason to use trays over conditions.

Because that way, it’s much easier to make layout changes with absolutely no hindrance to the structural components. When it comes to the commercial aspect, this sure can be a costly matter. Avoiding that is possible if you planned the MEP layout adhering to possible future extensions.

Improper Choice of the Supplier

The general rule of thumb is making a neat and clear list of supplies to acquire the electrical supplies from. If you’re planning to visit multiple shops for different types of supplies, you’re doing it the wrong way, the hard and ineffective way. Why should you complicate things on your own when you can look up an electrical wholesaler near me and obtain your supplies for the wholesale price?

This way, you wouldn’t have to visit multiple locations and maintain hundreds of bills just in case an exchange is required. Since there are enough reliable wholesaler companies in Australia, you don’t have to worry about having to wait at all.

Hiring Individually Working Electricians/ Groups

Even if you had the best supplies, they first should be properly installed in order for them to be utilized properly. But you would question about going for installing companies when you can simply look up for a group of cheap electricians.

The truest concern is about accountability. While these electricians would just want to be over with it, the reputed companies of Australia would want to include your project in your portfolio. In order for them to do that, they first should finish an amazing job.

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