- April 27, 2021

Casual Clothing for Women and How to Wear Them

While the casual dress code is the most straightforward of all dress codes, it can sometimes be complicated to choose the right outfit for a causal outing with friends or a laid-back date with your significant other. While the basic t-shirt, jeans and sneakers are a great casual wear option, there are many other outfits to choose from and many other ways to style them.

Here are some of the choices you have for casual wear and how you could add your own flair to them:


A t-shirt is the perfect way to dress down an outfit that may otherwise be considered too dressy. You can pair up womens long sleeve t shirts with a dressy pant and boots or opt for a boldly patterned skirt and strappy heels instead. Whatever your choice is, whether it is more chic or feminine, add in your own touch to elevate your look.


While a hoodie typically falls under the casual dress code, you may not consider it as one of your options for a fun outing with your friends. However, a hoodie could really work if you tuck it in, swap out the track bottoms for a midi or maxi skirt and put on those classy boots. A leather pant would be a great substitute for the colder seasons.


What better outfit than a pair of jeans and a nice blouse to complete the casual dress code? Pair up your flared jeans with a cute off shoulder top or a chic printed blouse. Keep your jeans above ankle level and swap the sneakers for stilettos to spruce up your style.


Skirts are a classic that are one of the best options for a casual look. You can choose from a wide variety between minis and maxis or pencil and A-line skirts. You can make your outfit better by tucking in your blouse and adding on a jacket as well. Do not forget some simple jewellery as well.


An ideal pick for the warmer and sunnier days. You can choose dresses from a broad choice of bold patterns and soft colours. You can cinch your gown at the waist using a belt, add on some jewellery and style up your hair in a casual messy look. These tips are bound to make heads turn.

Jackets & coats

When the temperature drops, stay warm and toasty as you carry on your daily tasks by slipping on a fashionable and casual coat or jacket. Mix and match bold colours, varying lengths and create your own high fashion look.


While the casual dress code usually focuses on the clothing, it is important to remember that your footwear also plays a major role in your outfit for the day. Sneakers, mules, sandals and flats are great options that would not compromise your chic look. Stick to shades that go with your clothes.

While the casual look may probably the most comfortable dress code, it can also turn out to be the most basic and boring. With these pointers in mind, you would be able to up your look as a whole while still maintaining the comfort of casual wear.

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