- April 24, 2021

Best Age-Appropriate Toys for Kids

Children learn a lot of things through play no matter what kind it is; whether indoors or outdoors, active or not. They could experiment and explore the world around them through the toys and games they play with.

As parents, giving the right toys to your kids is crucial in helping them boost their learning through play. Since there are plenty of toys to choose with, it might get confusing which one is the best to give your child. If you’re one of those unsure parents, here’s a simple guide to help you choose the best toys depending on the age and stage of your little one.

Toys for Infants Up To 6 Months Old

Even though they’re still young, infants already enjoy playing with toys appropriate for their age. At this age, babies are more into visual activities – looking at other people, objects, turning their head towards sound, and other similar activities.

You could nurture this by providing things they could look into such as a crib mobile and unbreakable mirror. You could also give colourful toys that are free from small parts such as rattles, teething toys, large rings and textured balls. Be sure that it doesn’t have choking hazard so it is safe for them to hold, bite and suck onto while they play.

Toys for Babies Aged 6 to 12 Months

Older babies are more mobile now compared to the little ones which gives you a lot of options when it comes to toys. You could start with toys that promote their motor development such as big balls and push or pull toys. Building toys are also great for them, as long as it has big parts and doesn’t pose choking hazards.

Toys for 1 Year Old’s

At this age, children are already on the go and experience their firsts. They understand a lot more about their surroundings and could play together with other children but still needs adult supervision to keep them safe. The best toys for them are ones that promote learning such as pretend play toys, building toys, informative board books, story books, art materials, and puzzles. For good puzzles for toddlers Australia has a great store offering a wide variety of puzzles for kids of all ages.

Toys for 2 Year Old’s

Kids at this age have better muscle control than they were younger. They also learn faster and try out more especially their physical skills such as jumping, rolling, rough play, and many more. Since they are more mature now, they could solve simple problems on their own using their skills. The perfect toys for them at this age are problem solving toys, more building toys, more tools to create, ride on equipment, and picture books that have more details than baby books.

When shopping for kids’ toys, be sure that you’re getting age-appropriate ones that are safe for them and is made from quality materials. That way, you can be sure that the toy will last long and won’t cause harm to the child.

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