- June 27, 2022

Accessories for Mezzanine Floors

There are several accessories that you will need for mezzanine floors to ensure their safety and create access to them. These accessories have an important function and you will not be able to safely use the floor without them.

There are many manufacturers and suppliers for these accessories. You have to consider the size of the floor and its weight bearing capabilities when selecting accessories. Mezzanine floors are commonly used in warehouses to increase storage space. You need to make sure that the accessories you purchase are of high quality so that the safety of your employees and property is ensured. Some of these accessories include staircases, balustrades and handrails, passenger lifts, chutes for goods and pallet gates. Balustrades are installed along the stairway and the edges of the floor as a safety measure. It will prevent falls. There are certain heights which a balustrade should be fitted to ensure maximum safety.

You can purchase balustrades and handrails for a mezzanine level from the online marketplace as readymade items. You need to think about the strength of the balustrade material especially in a warehouse environment as there can be collisions that can strain the material. Steel balustrades are most common with regard to safety. To protect the edge of the mezzanine level, you can use kicker plates. These will prevent small items from falling off the edge of the floor. You can select a kicker plate in a bright colour to demarcate the boundary of the mezzanine level.

When designing a mezzanine floor, you need to think about how to access it. And this is mainly through a staircase. The size, shape and number of staircases leading to the floor will depend on the size of the floor. You need to think about how people can be safely evacuated from this floor. If the length from one end of the floor to the point of access is too far according to regulations, you may need two staircases. The positioning of the staircase is another important element. You have to place it in the right location to ensure fire safety regulations.

The staircase should be clearly visible to everyone. Some options for staircase shapes are L shaped stairs, stairs running along a wall or a central staircase that is in Y shape allowing access from two directions. When mezzanine floors are used for storage, you have to install a pallet gate to help safely load the pallets to the mezzanine level. The area around the pallet will be enclosed and secured to ensure a safe space for the loading and unloading of pallets.

There are good lifts you can install to carry loaded pallets from one level to another. This is useful if you have goods in a variety of shapes, weights and sizes. There are design technicians that you can work with to select the right goods lift depending on the average loads you are taking up. You can install a good chute for your mezzanine level as well when it comes to fast transfer of goods. These can be individually packaged products or boxes. All you need to do is place the goods on the chute and they will be transported to the lower level from the mezzanine level in a matter of seconds. This is an accessory that will be useful for warehouses that carry out order fulfilment.