- June 20, 2022

A Happy Fish Makes a Happy Owner

When deciding which pet to keep, most beginners choose pet fish, believing that they are easier to keep than other pets. The good news is that pet fish are very healthy and easy to manage. Either you are getting a pet fish soon or if you already own one here are few things you should know.


Like all other animals fish has to adapt to the conditions.  You should always do some research to find the best pet for you. Information should be obtained from reliable online sources or experts in pet stores. Do not forget about the pH and also the temperature of water in the tank. And there are different types of fish; some can have aggressive behaviors which needs isolation. It’s always best for the owner to know the type of fish so that they can make their habitat according to it.

Make It More Than a Decoration

Aquariums are mostly kept for the purpose of decoration.  Often the main factor is that a larger aquarium is what catches the eye in a living room. Having a spacious Fish tank will never be a fault.  It’s better if the tank has enough space for the fish to move around freely.

You should always consider about the size of the fish when it grows up, before getting the tank. If you have smaller fishes now it can grow bigger in future so you should consider this when getting a tank. There are requirements of water for different types of fishes. This amount of water will meet your oxygen needs, but make sure it is sufficient.

Keep the Tank Clean

You should at least change the water once a month. It is also a way to control concentrates in water.  If not, transfer the fish to a makeshift bowl and change the water in the aquarium.  Always wash these substances as they can have salt and dirt accumulated.  Don’t forget to re-prepare the water after the replacement.

Check Your Water Filter Frequently

Go ahead and check the water filter to make sure it’s still working and the fish tank filter isn’t blocked. If there are many fishes the tank should be spacious enough to accommodate them.  After buying a filter for the first fish, keep the quantity the same for the system to work.

Proper Temperature

Even though fish are cold-blooded they need a stable temperature to live. The aquarium heater will also help to maintain the temperature in the tank. Adjust the water temperature according to the type of fish. And fresh fish cannot withstand temperature, unlike marine fish.

The whole purpose of an aquarium heater is to maintain a constant temperature, which means preventing the aquarium from being exposed to harsh weather conditions by placing it near an aquarium window or AC valve.  Watch the fish move evenly if the water temperature is evenly distributed.  Fish huddle side by side at the right temperature.