- May 15, 2021

A Guide to Safe Packaging

In today’s world, with the ever-growing eCommerce, one of the major challenges faced by the fashion industry is the fulfilment of so many orders. The customers are having access to their most desired designer items of clothing from various global fashion chains, and with online stores operating 24/7- convenience for customers is on another level.

Hence, setting a new bar of expectation from the business.With the ease of process to purchase, customers prefer their orders to be delivered to the doorstep as early as possible- and, that means to satisfy the customer, the company must be able to deliver the order in a cost-effective manner, with secure packaging.

This consists of so many elements, orders getting dispatched from the warehouse to the shipment. Then, following the shipment to the collection of it by the agencies in destined countries. After that, unpacking the shipload and then finally delivering the product to the buyer.

As one can imagine, the item is passed onto one thing and another; from hands to hands. And, if the packaging of the product was poorly done, there are high risks of it getting destroyed before even reaching the customer.Perhaps, purchasing clothes from an apparel outlet is less stressful than waiting for a due online order to be delivered.

Let us say whether you want to send a dress overseas to your international customers, or locally ship an outfit as a gift, you must be able to pack, dispatch, and deliver it without causing any damage to the garments. Now, this leads us to the question, how to safely pack the clothes for shipping? 

The ideal way to pack clothing before shipping

Proper packaging is crucial for securely sending clothes through dispatchers. To safeguard your garment orders, follow these guidelines.

Folding the garments in the best possible way

The item of clothing should be folded as flat as possible. And it should be in a form that fits the box well. One should bear in mind, the box used for packaging should also be of proper quality.

Secure the loose items

Any articles that are detachable from the clothing should be removed before folding the garment. Such as the belts, buttons, and, etc- these items should be packed separately. 

You can secure it in bubble wrap and then place it in the box.

Protect it with extra padding

Once you have it all set, use bubble wrap to wrap it around the garment, which will prevent it from any damages- such as water damage or risk of tearing off. One could also use a plastic bag or a padded envelope depending on the product size. 

The final placement

Once the item of clothing is precisely packed, set it in the box and seal it. One must remember to check the seal properly before dispatching the product. If the package needs further details, do not hesitate to use the labels. For example, brand logo, name tag, destined location, etc.

Now, the order is all ready for a safe dispatch.

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