- May 13, 2021

7 Things to Consider When Buying Vinyl Floors

Thinking of installing vinyl floors? They’re pretty affordable and freely available. Everything discussed would help you decide if they’re right for you or not. Keep reading.


How much you’d be spending depends on the dimensions of the space you’ll be working on. You’ll usually have to pay $2-12 per square foot. There are some types of vinyl that have special coatings and designs– they’d of course be pricier.

You might be able to install the vinyl yourself. If not, you’d have to pay someone to place it. Factor in this cost.


You could go for padded vinyl. The padded variant would feel softer on your feet. However, it would be very thick – your flooring would be a bit elevated.

The padded layer not only makes it more comfortable, but they would be able to handle more beatings too.


You can purchase vinyl floors with 3 different finishes. They are no-wax, urethane, and enhanced urethane. The former most would be light as a feather. Unfortunately, it stains – place it in areas that won’t have a lot of foot traffic.

Urethane options would be much heavier than no-wax counterparts. But they can handle beatings. Place them in areas that have moderate foot-traffic. As you can imagine, enhanced urethane vinyl would be the heaviest and toughest.


As vinyl floors are so affordable, you’d expect them to not last long. This depends on the type you get. You can class them into high or low cost vinyl. The very affordable options would tear easily.

Know that once vinyl has been damaged, you won’t be able to refinish it. You’ll have to remove the whole layer away and get it replaced.


Where will you be placing the flooring? If it’ll be in a setting exposed to direct sunlight, you can expect it to fade. If you’re forced to keep it in an environment exposed to the sun, make sure that you have thick curtains.


If you want to, you could install vinyl flooring yourself.  It’s a type of loose lay flooring that won’t require a lot of materials to install.

We discussed earlier that you could hire someone to place the flooring for you. Depending on who you hire, the amount you’d have to pay would differ.


Vinyl floors not only are affordable, but they can look good too. You’ll be impressed by the immense selection they come in. You’d find some options that try and replicate expensive wood. Whatever the aesthetic of the home, you’d find vinyl that would be able to compliment it.

Final Thoughts

If you’re deciding to install vinyl floors, there’s a lot that has to be kept in mind. From the points mentioned, the most crucial would be how much square footage you’d be covering. Although affordable, if you have to cover a massive home, you’d be hit with a huge bill. How much you’d pay is influenced by who you hire to install the vinyl flooring as well.

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