- April 23, 2021

5 Ways to Live A More Environmentally Friendly Life

With more people being eco-conscious, they would help tackle global warming. The below points would help you be the most environmentally friendly.


You might have heard of carbon-offsetting before. It is when you cancel out the carbon dioxide you produce. The biggest source would be your car – it produces a lot of emissions when burning fuel.

You can off-set at home. Why don’t you plant trees in your backyard? They would suck up carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.

If you really want to, you could join an offsetting program. You’d pay a monthly fee, and the cash would be donated to help save a reserve. There are multiple programs like this you could join.

Don’t Use Your Car as Much 

Let’s talk about your car again. It burns fuel to produce energy, resulting in greenhouse gases being released. Why don’t you walk to where you need? You’d be getting exercise and not burn fuel. Bicycles would let you cover more distance. Cycling is a better exercise than walking and is incredibly green.

If you’re thinking of buying a new car, go for an electric option. It wouldn’t affect the environment as much.

Reuse & Recycle

It’s a piece of cake to recycle papers but not a lot of people take the effort. You most likely are using 1 side of paper to print or write something, then toss it away. You could use the paper you’ve collected to make new ones. There are tons of tutorials on how you can do this online.

Glass bottles would make amazing vases. And you can recycle the wood and metal from broken furniture for carpentry projects. If you’re not skilled enough, you could get someone else to remake the materials into other pieces.

Solar Energy

Make use of renewable energy – you’d be helping the environment greatly. The best way to do this is by purchasing solar panels. The contraptions would take in sunlight and convert it to electricity. If you’re a homeowner, you’d appreciate them; they’d raise property value. Moreover, if your local power grid malfunctions and the whole neighbourhood loses power, the panels would result in you still having electricity.

If you’re interested in solar systems cairns has stores that would let you snag the panels for affordable rates.

Teach Younger Generations

If more people learn about the damage we’re doing to the environment, they would want to make a change. The best place to start is with kids. They’re impressionable, so it doesn’t take a lot to get them interested.

By living an eco-friendly life, yourself, you wouldn’t have to do a lot to get the little ones interested. They would probably follow your footsteps automatically.

Final Thoughts

Global warming is something we all have to worry about. With you being more eco-friendly, you’re helping make a change. From the things you could do, something that would provide the most bang for your buck would be carbon-offsetting. You’d help cancel out any emissions you’re responsible for.

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