- May 28, 2021

5 Tips for Staying Healthy During Summer

The summer season is one of the most popularly celebrated seasons. When you think of summer your mind immediately goes to sandy beaches, crystal clear blue skies, sunny summer days and lots and lots of ice cream to help you beat the heat! Summer is one of the most fun times people enjoy across the globe.

But sometimes with new weather there can be new problems. The warm weather could make your body a bit more vulnerable to certain diseases. It is essential that you maintain your health during this summer and every summer after! Here are 5 tips on how to stay healthy during summer:

1.      Maintain a Healthy Diet

Yes, we all have our cheat days, but it is vital to keep up a healthy diet during the summertime. Replace eating heavy meals full of carbs and fats (which elevate body temperature), with lighter, smaller and more frequent meals throughout the day. Fruits and vegetables will be your best friend during the summer and help in ensuring you have sufficient water in your system.

2.      Hydrate, Hydrate & Hydrate!

The scorching summer heat and constant sweating could leave you feeling extremely dehydrated during the summer. Ensure that you have sufficient water and that you have a water cooler or bottle always available to you wherever you go. You can purchase a few affordable water coolers to have around your house or work place for efficient and effective hydration.

3.      Cut Down on Coffee and Alcohol

Try to avoid drinking that morning coffee and happy hour cocktail till summer comes to an end. Coffee contains caffeine and cocktails have alcohol which contribute to dehydrating your body. During a time, your body is in desperate need of water, it is better to stay away or reduce consumption of these drinks for health purposes. You could replace these drinks with sparkling flavoured water.

4.      Protect your Skin & Eyes

If you want to avoid a sunburn or any other heat related skin ailments make sure you slather on enough sunscreen. Ensure to use a waterproof sunscreen with at least SPF 30 daily and apply sunscreen to all exposed areas 3-4 times per day during the summer. In addition, protect your vision from the harshness of the sunlight. Wear sunglasses that block a minimum of 99% of ultra-violet rays for optimum eye protection.

5.      Develop a Proper Skincare Routine

Summer can cause many problems on your skin if it is not properly taken care of. Excessive sweating and oil can cause a variety of skin issues. For instance, skin irritations, rashes, and acne breakouts. In order to prevent acne breakouts, wash your face frequently or use tissues to wipe a sweat-filled face.

Swap out your heavier cleanser and use a foam cleanser instead, use a dual-purpose moisturizer, opt for natural facial cleansing items such as Aloe Vera or sandalwood powder and purchase a vitamin C serum. This will help in ensuring your skin will be hydrated throughout the summer and reduces the chance of skin issues.

Remember to have fun during the summer and always stay healthy.

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